August 26, 2013


by R. Pollard of Guided by Voices // The Bears for Lunch

hang over child
what you've got you'll not require
in any attire

hang over child
born into a lost desire
you'll know the fire that grows

hang over, child
'til the clock runs over
the check-out line
for the red light sales
bury your nose in the bookends
bury the scales

and you'll not back down
and you'll not fallout

hang over child
save your breath
in the way that you stare
into the face of despair
if you dare

* expired Agfa RSX II 50 slide film // Nikon FG-20 // 24mm

Gritty pictorial show of August, that I like. That is what you get with Agfa film from the nineties. I'll take it. Hollyhocks climb with the temperatures of August. Big pink blossoms in Point Douglas soften the neighborhood. Hard boiled eggs for every meal, black coffee and underwear, sweltering apartment, bareback babies, gas on the hands, BBQ in the air. This is summer. Guided by Voices spins nonstop from the listening station. I get it now. At a fantastic wedding this past weekend, I ran into an age old friend. Whenever he makes an appearance I want to yell in his face one hundred things at once but never know where to begin so I say nothing. Kicking gravel as a storm gathered momentum overhead I professed to him awkwardly my deep love for Guided by Voices, a band led by Robert Pollard. Thank you for the introduction. I get it now. Get what? I didn't understand the power of his music five years ago when you first dropped the needle, but I do now.

August 20, 2013

Top Dead Moped rally

On Saturday afternoon, Craig opened up his new shop Top Dead Mopeds for an open house BBQ. Buddies, faithful clients, first time group riders, parents and overall moped enthusiasts of Winnipeg came out of the woodwork to support his new venture with beer and BBQ. It made me damn proud to see all the work he has done put into action by all the guys on mopeds who kept rolling in. What a sight, what a sound! By seven, the route was roughed out, tanks and tires filled and 21 riders were ready to rip. And rip we did. Sadly, I didn't shoot any of the rally as I ran out of film shortly after a series of portraits at the BBQ, but I will never forget that initial feeling of riding in such a strong group down Maryland. Words cannot express such a simple pleasure. Whoa la. High spirits, big dumb grins for all and that sweet chorus of motors just hungry for the light to change. These are the things my photography couldn't quite do justice. So be it. I went to sleep with the sound of engines roaring in my ears. The next ride will be even better!

Winnipeg continues to surprise me and so does my guy. I love you Craig. So proud of who you are and what you are about.

* expired Kodak GC 400 / Nikon FG-20 / 24mm

August 15, 2013

Andrew & Nozomi

The wedding of Andrew and Nozomi was a pleasure to shoot. Soft light, small party, country landscape, gorgeous bouquets, handsome people and a simple flower crown for an easy going bride. Sign me up. The photos above are the fruit of darkroom labor. These were a pleasure to print, each one coming out of the developer better than the last. Enjoy.

* All photos shot with Kiev 60 / 80mm / Delta Pro 100 / FP4 125 // Note: unsure as to why the top left corners of these 8x8" prints drop out the way they do; my scanner is a piece of work. Digital scans don't hold a candle to the balanced beauty of the hardcopy!

August 14, 2013

Connie's Famous Gourmet Breakfast

Dear Bullheaded woman, quit wrestling with your gut and get your head out of your arse. When love comes a knockin' there ain't nothing you should do but answer the door!


Moving on!

Fingers are sore, the elbows cry out REST NOW and my latest stencil lies complete and ready to copy. Hallelujah. I have never given birth but in terms of artwork, I gave birth this morning to a beautiful pair of odd ducks! Finally. Nice to see you again weirdoes, this time 'round in large format. I suppose these progress reports are fairly fruitless without a look into the actual process, but until that day when I am finally ready to announce an upcoming exhibition, mysterious they will remain. Thanks for reading about the process anyway, it is very special to me. My mom asked me last night if I made stencils for myself and after a good laugh I didn't really know how to answer her. Kind of. I make them because I am driven to. The physical process of carving away challenges me to work through my tendency to bolt from static projects. This push toward the final product introduces an entirely new art form to work from/ within. One good copy is what I aim for and there are many steps involved in getting there. Steps are good. Fabric sourcing, sizing, ironing and placement are key. The spray and peel is obviously the most rewarding part! Why not put them up in public space? I don't know. Too cumbersome/ fragile. I haven't gotten there yet. Maybe someday when I am bored by canvas or tired of working on the floor. That's all there is to say about that.

JJ is coming for a tail-end-of-summer visit from Montreal and Lisa is on her way home from cherry picking at last. The temperature is rising just in time for their arrival. Change is in the air, as always. Feeling it blow through the windows as I write. Bare arms of summer and one tiny little bun on my head after a long time apart. Feels good to be home, at work at home, welcome home.

Here is an image from breakfast at Connie's Corner cafe the other day. Craig lent me his trusty Nikon FG-20 with a new-to-me 24mm lens. Wide angle perspective, that I like. I used to hate it, but now I see the beauty to all the detail that fits in a single frame. Like magic. Back at Connie's the juke box was pumpin', the portions were huge, the coffee was endless and the bannock was fresh. My kind of place.

August 9, 2013

Fast Friends

Good trip out to Kleefeld, Manitoba to help move around a pile of limestone in the company of family and friends. My friends Tristan and Sambeth are set to be married real soon and when they proposed a day trip to southwestern Manitoba to help knock a few things off their To Do list, we hopped in the truck happily. Craig was in his glory upon being introduced to Tristan's pop Tom's shop. Bikes upon bikes. I was happy to walk into the treeline and be swallowed by wild dill. Those super mini bikes were a blast to trail ride. People who open up their land to cityfolk hungry for more are special. Thanks for a hell of a day Tom and Mary Anne.

* Photos shot with cheapo Shoppers Drugmart color 400.

August 7, 2013


This sums it up about right!

Three Aries babies on a camping trip in Jasper, AB made for one well-tended fire. Chris, Craig and myself headed for Jasper after the family wedding in Canmore came to a close. To debrief after a wild week of celebration and all that comes with a gathering of that sort, we took a day to explore nature in solitude. Surrounded by the Rocky mountains, we drank beer beside a river, stacked rocks for fun, watched the sun set and the super moon rise. We wandered together and apart and my bouquet of wild flowers grew as the light of day fell away. We all take photographs and these are some that I felt free to shoot while observing two great men in my life. 

* Above photos shot with Kiev 60- 120 Delta Pro 400 film and scanned at home

August 6, 2013

Ladies of Oka beach

Trip to Oka, Quebec alongside two dear friends documented with the Kiev 60 and my latest film of choice: Tmax 400. At the start of this particular day trip, we all suffered from fierce hangovers thanks to the celebration of our reunion in Montreal the previous evening. Family style Italiano fare with endless wine and three broads catching up made for a lively scene for onlookers. I waded happily in Oka waters clad in my tigersuit after a quick bathing suit swap with Lo. Chanel shivered in the water while Lo laughed at her antics. Quite a typical and wonderful day, I must say.