April 9, 2016

Pearl River TLR

First shot from the Pearl River TLR. 
Photo of me thanks to Guy Ni.

Atlas and Uncle Iain hanging around on the farm near Morden.

Rebecca and her snoozy girl on a Sunday on the farm.

Portrait of us on a Sunday. Self-timer edition thanks to the Pearl River TLR.

Self-timer edition in the front parlor thanks to my new-to-me Pearl River TLR.

Just another afternoon of me running after the wolf pack with a camera in the back lanes of Wolseley.

Spring mash-up.

A few weeks ago, I picked up an old twin lens camera off an interesting dude in the North End. He invited me in and we ended up having a lovely chat about cameras. Kijiji is a wonderful way to meet wacky people. I must be wacky to invest hard earned money into a camera that I don't understand how to sharp shoot. I will get there. Until that glorious day, enjoy the soft looks in. Here is a slice of spring; captured on the first roll from my new-to-me Pearl River TLR. Shot from the hip. Nothing energizes me more than that first walk-about with a new camera.

I'll never forget the day my Kiev arrived. I had ordered it from the Ukraine on a whim. Intuition. At the time I was working seven days per week in Montreal, splitting my time between exploring the city with young Leo strapped to my body and slinging eggs in a wild kitchen in the Mile End. I called in sick on a Sunday (mon dieu!) and headed east on foot as I tended to do at that time in Montreal. I had no idea what I was doing with that camera but it didn't matter, I would come to figure it out eventually.

Two weeks ago I shot my first editorial work on that funny Pearl River twin lens for Tony Chestnut's spring / summer 2016 collection. Can't express how much I appreciate Jill's trust as I experimented. 24 frames of soft looks. When I look at the negatives I see nothing but errors in my execution. When Jill saw the scans she saw soft magic. She always finds the magic in my follies. The rolls shot on the Kiev came out nice and snappy. Coming soon!

Pearl River TLR / FP4 pushed to 400