May 29, 2014

Heavy canopy

Lovely mystery blossoms of Montreal 2011. Nikon F3 // Kodak 400 vanilla 

In times of personal grief, frustration and angst, I continue to find myself self soothing with solitude, candlelight and stillness. Two dear women in my life are fighting for their lives at the moment. While one is dying slowly and painfully surrounded by love, the other is experiencing pain on the opposite end of the spectrum (in good health) as she wades away from love towards total independence; both are fighting hard as the strong women we have always known them to be.

With the house empty of it's usual hustle and bustle, I sat alone in the stillness of my front porch last night, thinking of my loved ones who are experiencing deep physical and emotional pain at present time. Sending out energy and deep love into the wind running fingers through the new green canopy above, that is all one can do in solitude. I love you Joan, I love you Erin.

Two wise women once told me on separate occasions that the moment you allow yourself to feel energized by wind on your skin, you are free. Perhaps that means little to some, though absorbing the concept at the time shifted my perception in the power of the elements and continues to amaze me each time I tune in. Air, Water, Earth, Fire. I draw energy from these elements especially in times of crisis. While we will all pass away sooner or later, the reality of anticipating the end to a very spirited life is a heavy one.

It is never easy to let go of love, even when the time is nigh.

May 25, 2014

Praise's portrait

Praise's portrait. Winnipeg, MB / Olympus 35-SP // Portra 400

May 23, 2014

MP for TC

Thank you to Kenneth, Natalie (and Emma) for sharing their beautiful studio space with us!

Here lies a colorful spread of some of my favorite looks from the Tony Chestnut SS14 campaign. Nice mix of 35mm and 120 for good measure. This was a magical collaboration of talent, a complete joy to capture model Akos Knowles in Jill's beautiful hand crafted spring wear and a lovely introduction to editorial photography (well, my own take on editorial photography :)). Enjoy!

Visit Tony Chestnut's online shop HERE and website HERE to order today!

Margot Pollo for Tony Chestnut

Kiev 60 // 120 Portra 400 / Ektar 100
Nikon F3 // ibid

May 17, 2014


Rooster's portrait.  Kiev 60 // Delta 400 Pro

May 13, 2014

Shelly Chronicles: Maxipad on wheels

On the road with Lisa and Shelly.
Officer Margot could kill a man with those legs.
Yooooooowho Lil Fox.
Mark Rogers to the rescue.
I asked for this portrait and this is what he gave.
Tina's nonstop serenade suited us fine. Doll by Winnipeg artist Suzie Smith :)
Who gave these two assclowns permission to leave the province? WE DID. And we had a flippen' ball while we were at it. Friendly Manitoba to Worst-Case-Ontario. Four days of chaos, sing alongs, roaring fires and much laughter. Dear old Shelly, Lisa's '75 Ford Funcraft took a few necessary breathers on the side of the 17 highway but we were always rescued in no time by beautiful characters willing to have their portraits taken after the old gal roared back to life. This trip was hysterical and necessary for two friends reunited after many moons apart. Youdon'tevenkna

* Kiev 60 TTL // 220 expired NPC 160

May 10, 2014

History lessons

We have come a long way / Photo. Lisa King / Near Dryden, Ontario / May 2014
A beautiful place to burn.
Leaving one's mark where one can.
Today's lesson: FUN with Mr. Wendt
Classic King.
This was the place for me.

A hundred year old schoolhouse sits atop a hill in the middle of the bush, perfectly preserved. Time has made it's mark, sure, but charm remains. When Lisa and I rolled up to Johnny Mac's, the new treeplant HQ nestled in the bush just outside of Dryden, Ontario to the northeast, I bee-lined for this very schoolhouse sitting on the edge of the property. Sharp intake of breath upon entering. Soul soaring. Instant peace. The door was unlocked and I stood in awe for many minutes as the smell of time overcame me. Word's cannot express the feeling. I shot many, many rolls in this place though one of them seems to have fallen through the cracks. While enjoying my solitude in the beautiful space, a young man slipped in unnoticed. He made his presence known with a modest clearing of the throat. I was sitting at a desk, a paper mache apple to my right, writing a letter to Simon when I noticed him. We introduced ourselves. He turned out to be the grandson of the Johnny Mac, John McArthur--the owner of the old one room schoolhouse and the very land it sits upon. Nick, the young man, grew up in those very woods I had just roamed and he was about to embark upon his first season as a treeplanter. (He is most likely rookie planting as I type on this warm Saturday, windows throw open). He kindly shot my portrait with the apple balanced on my head in lucky slanted light. I shot a portrait of him standing at the blackboard, pointing to a message he penned ten years prior to our meeting. It read: Dear Grandpa John, Can I own this school later on? It's amazing. I can't remember the rest from memory now, as the photos we shot of each other were lost in the shuffle. I couldn't help but feel I had stood in that schoolhouse before. Not in this lifetime, but another.

* Kiev 60 / 220 expired NPC 160

May 9, 2014

Soft handouts

There is something to these photographs of Maya surrounded by bush dogs that I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps it is the presence of softness in this dear woman captured unaware. Ease, idleness and gentleness in a woman filled to the brim with fire, passion and power. Perhaps it is the slight difference in each hound or maybe it is their own ease around Maya. Lead dog. Whatever it is, I like it. What a pleasure to hoof around a muddy bush camp with a camera at ready, free to shoot whomever and whatever struck my fancy as busy bodies prepared for yet another season of hard work in the bush.

* Kiev 60 / 120 Delta 100 Pro

May 6, 2014

Milk toast

Jackson is in finest form early in the morning, as he happily announces to his mama and I that our coffee is noticeably HOT (silent T) and that he is ready for his daily cheese ration by banging on the fridge and hooting until he is totally satisfied. (That kid would eat cheese all the live long day if left to his own devices). I will cherish these self timer shots of us, chicken haired and fresh faced.

Jackson Samuel - 12 months, two weeks old
Megan Dawn - 28 years, 3 weeks old

* Olympus - 35 SP / Portra 400

May 1, 2014


Wallet trinkets / Winnipeg / 2014

Our home was burgled in early December. When I realized my purse and wallet were missing along with the rest of the goods, I was most saddened at the thought of never again seeing that small photograph of my mother as a wee little babe lying on the floor. Stuff is stuff. Je sais. It was a hard learned lesson of letting go but eventually I moved onward, further and further away from bitterness over loss. Winter is a desperate time.


Last week, I received a most peculiar letter from a neighborhood stranger alerting me that they had recently unearthed the contents of my wallet in the Spring melt. Why, I never! While majority of the personal ID and credit cards etc are gone forever (I try not to dwell upon where they might be---I hope burnt to dust by now), I did receive this beautiful bundle of precious photos carried faithfully in my wallet until it was no more. The kind stranger wrapped my little parcel up in string and wrote the most encouraging note.

I decided to make haste and scan what was recovered for good measure! So happy to see my little mother's precious baby face again. Not to mention my very prized possession of Lisel King's kindergarten school photo. And the dear photobooth picture from Simon. AND my library card! The culprit ditched every other card save for my library card! That is the only one I had yet to replace!

Miracle on Victor Street.