October 11, 2018

Zuki Su

Man oils chain. Winnipeg, MB; October 2018. 

All tied down and ready for a winter's rest in a warm shop. November 2018.

Kiev 60 / expired 220 Kodak 400 VC
Kiev 60 / 120 Delta 400

October 9, 2018

In & Around

Working hard on fitting together geometric shapes in my living room. September 2018.

Portrait of a man on a ladder. September 2018.

Portrait of a pregnant lady seven months along, captured from above. September 2018.

Pregnant lady eats pretzels on her daybed, captured from above. September 2018.

Mama and girl playing harmonica on my back deck. September 2018.
Makeshift tub; camping edition. Spruce Woods, MB; September 2018.

Happy lady in the reeds. October 2018.

Brilliant lady in the wind wearing her own Tony Chestnut vest in ochre. October 2018.

Eight months along wearing Tony Chestnut as old as the hills. October 2018.

Two mamas holding their young in a bread maker's kitchen. October 2018.

Kiev 60 / Tmax 400 & Delta 3200