June 22, 2016

Family Garden

Gardening from seed is a new endeavor altogether for me. Looking forward to working in the family garden in the coming weeks. It is planted quite a distance from where I live but I am grateful for the experience of planting nonetheless. Here lies a color photo essay that I felt free to capture at the time of leisure garden planting one week in early June. Old as the hills found-film given a whirl within my Nikon F2. Exposure came out a little strange. Might be the meter, might be the old film; who knows. Regardless, enjoy the look in.

Summer is IN! Praise the Strawberry moon above.

June 8, 2016

Elvis Rempel

I left this print sitting hump-backed in the fixer for about an hour. The strip ain't pretty but I did learn I could push my exposure a little further than I thought. Trial and error; darkroom edition. Printed at home on Ilford 8x8" Pearl paper. Winnipeg, Manitoba; June 7, 2016.


A few weeks back, Iain and I went to a perogy dinner fundraiser in the basement of Legion No. 11 in Morden, MB. My camera bag was packed and ready to go as soon as I heard Iain's mom utter these three words:




Well! The grand spectacle did not disappoint the keen photo journalist in me. Corny "Elvis" Rempel from Steinbach, Manitoba put on one hell of a show. For the life of me, I could not stop laughing while observing the scene play out on the stage before me. The left eye trained on a tight geometric scene within the camera's viewfinder, my right eye free to float in that sweet periphery zone that falls out of the scope of my lens. I took in the many delighted faces of ladies in the audience; my trigger finger firing occasionally when the spirit led. To say the least, I shot many photos (contrast film, full flash). You know those moments when you realize you are laughing at all the wrong times? Yes.

This event deserves no less than a full photo essay (which has yet to be completed). In the interim, here lies a starting point of sorts. A look into the madness that glitters around the very idea of being in the same room as ELVIS even though you know he is long dead, printed at home yesterday after work. I laughed as I printed. There is one shot in particular that just kills me. Elvis is leaning off the stage, serenading Iain's grandmother Marion into the mic. The shutter clapped the moment Elvis ducked in to smooch Marion right on the cheek. The light shining all around her is priceless. Angel among mortals.

The cherry on top of the evening was the moment when a young Elvis enthusiast entered the basement of Legion No. 11 in full Elvis apparel together with his parents and grandmother. I later discovered his name to be Macksom from North Dakota.

Macksom, these ones are for you.

Corny "Elvis" Rempel and a young fan called Macksom. Morden, Manitoba; May 2016. Printed at home on 8x8" Ilford Pearl paper.
Corny "Elvis" Rempel and a young fan called Macksom. Morden, Manitoba; May 2016. Printed at home on 8x8" Ilford Pearl paper.