December 29, 2014

2 0 1 4 / adios

2 0 1 4  /  adios

This photographic lot represents some of my favorite moments spent capturing portraits of summer days, weddings, new babies, the break of winter in NW Ontario, family portraits, self portraits, camping trips and moped journeys. What a wild year it continues to be. I am looking forward to witnessing the Year of the Sheep reveal itself and capturing the magic firsthand.

In the coming year I intend to shoot and process much contrast film, update all contact sheet binders, graduate from school, debut MPHQ online and cook up my first solo exhibition.

I bought a mix media work book today and two new pens to start the new year off right.

Looking Forward To's:
- walking together
- building up the darkroom
- cooking well
- waking up to sun on the face
- maintaining the fire
- photo essays of auctions
- driving to the country
- Bob Dylan everyday
- baking a loaf
- boiling fresh pasta
- finishing the Arbus stencil
- swimming in a big hat
- grinning while canoeing
- the Springtime

Though winter is going no where fast, I did wake up convinced it was Spring today! Birds chirped their agreement.

December 10, 2014

Partridge in a pear tree

Family portraits are quickly becoming my favorite work. Shot this lovely series of the Partridge Chafe family two Sundays back on a crisp Winter's day. They were good sports about the cold and so was their pup. The light was perfect and we shot along the river near their home. Here is some contrast work I am happy to share.

Nothing better than family, this I know.

Kiev 60; Tmax 400
Contact megkroeker@gmail for more information.

December 4, 2014

Stove to Mouth

Well seasoned pan, farmer sausage, drippings, eggs.
Comin' in hot!
Let us eat. Two oranges, cowboy coffee and a pocket knife.

My kind of breakfast.
Nikon F2 / Tmax 400

Ditch Effort

Point of forgotten interest; South Western Manitoba. November 2014

There is something to these forgotten places that I am hopelessly sweet on. I am unable to articulate beyond the simple fact that these places make me hopeful. Why so? I could easily picture myself scooping this place up and making fantastic large scale things behind that shop door. Fill the structure with love. Paint my half white. Restore the inside, out. What may look broken from the outside, crawls with inspiration from within. 

That ditch looks like a good place to pull over and have a nap in beloved's arms. 


Shot this beauty on an unfamiliar route home from a familiar place a few weekends back. The Kiev was loaded with (what felt like at the time) "my last roll of slide film" so I wanted to capture some pure magic. Now that that roll has been processed, I am reminded how crazy it is to proclaim such a thing! I will shoot slides until I am old and grey, or cut off by this city and outsourcing becomes a ridiculous joke. Until then, more medium format slides to come. I know I need to show my slides eventually, but I am not quite there yet. It won't be long.

Winter's first lick; frozen on positive film. I will never forget this winter, this much I know. The mind's eye snaps away while my cameras rest for now. We are really in it now, Manitoba.


Kiev 60, Fujichrome

November 22, 2014


Dear Manitoba, too quick I was to associate the boreal forests of our vast country all to Ontario. No no no, this province is as diverse as they come. Rocky, sandy, high, low, swampy, tall, flat, mucky, wet, dry. You name it. Coniferous, deciduous or no trees at all. Instead you can cut through prairie grass as tall as your lover. You decide. Pick a spot on the map and go. Simple. No need to wander too far beyond. Manitoba, you really have it all.

Took a drive out to this quiet place on the very last lovely day of Autumn of 2014 in Manitoba. Ate salami and havarti on bread en route. The air was crisp and held that unbeatable smell of sweet dry rot. Decay-okay. I love nature's shut down. It is always a pleasure to behold the process firsthand. I want to come back to this very spot by the river in June to swim. Lazy up to a point and clear as a bell. My kind of river.

Home and native land.

ps. Say! Sky detail and chicos in the same frame? You don't say.

November 21, 2014

New Mornings

Bea with milk.
Olive vs. Oatmeal

Portra 800 sure captures the weekend morning light just right. New routines, new roommates, new mornings. I enjoy breakfast in good company these days, to say the least.

November 13, 2014

Jibber-jabber jaybirds

Illustration. Natalie Baird / November 12, 2014
Here is the a freshly scanned illustration by Winnipeg multi-disciplinary artist Natalie Baird! I sat across from her late last night as she built up the work layer by layer, stroke by stroke with fancy markers and a felt tipped pen and didn't realize she was shaping up a portrait of me until it was finished and slid across the table with a "Here! Let's trade!". So we did. Love those naked bodies dancing above my head of hair. It was a paper gift I felt free to share on my funny platform. Grateful for her friendship and the ease of sharing a table with another creative soul as Winter gets crackin'.

November 11, 2014

At home with the Viks

My favorite family photo captured to date.

Nils, Melissa, wee Marte and Poncho the poodle invited me into their striking Winnipeg home a few weeks back. These are some of the color and contrast photos I felt free to capture while watching them move around their space as a family. Marte is nine months old and sweet as pie! To closely witness families go about their normal swing of things through my scope is something I delight in. I hope to do more of this type of work in the future. It is a damn treat to be invited in for a slow morning of quality coffee and play, free to raise the Kiev to capture when the spirit leads. I prefer the contrast work here, though the color definitely holds its own. I mean come on, that family photo with Poncho and his paw! Much too much for the quiet spectator in me. While the photo of new mama Melissa holding Marte on the kitchen counter is a little unconventional, I love the offbeat beauty of the scene. Two girls in the kitchen. One makes a point while the other makes the discovery she can handle the weight of an orange with her own two hands. The wonder of it all! The shot of the three Viks on the loose in the kitchen is very dear to me. Nils and his cheek stuffed with toast. This is life as we know it. I stuff toast in my cheek too.

Ektar 100
Tmax 400
// Kiev 60

October 28, 2014


Taking a break from churning the beurre (read: school work), I sit window-side in my rocking chair in my new bedroom in St. Boniface to take in the first cold winds of winter. Cold air blasts my insanely pretty and hardy potted begonias while I contemplate life as I now know it. I am ten bloody illustrations of precise muscle movements of the hand and one lonesome Table of Contents away from completing my first of six albums for school. Daily Life Activites, you can beat it. Wahooo! Cannot express the true depth and breadth of my joy over this near completion. Into abstract construction paper art and scented cotton ball territory I go hi ho. Jen, if you are reading this, can I take a stroll through your impressive essential oil library? Sensory overload, here I come.

Weird, je sais. Training to become a teacher of Montessori is the strangest and most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me academically. Wise old Maria Montessori knew a thing or two. Her philosophy on the education of little children remains as relevant as ever. Lessons gleaned from her writing worm their way into my center and I am affirmed over and over by the new way my hands are learning to speak. I am in this for life.

Today I went to visit the school where I will be working for the duration of my practicum. Upon arrival in full winter cyclist armor with blinking lights et al, I was swarmed by happy little faces at the door begging for information. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? I AM MISS MEG, RHYMES WITH EGG (there is another Megan on location, thus Meg it is). New territory to pioneer.

My first assignment for the work placement is to sit in complete silence and simply observe the patterns of children at work for two eight hour shifts. Essentially this means to become invisible and one with the fabric of the environment. No speaking, no movement. None. How ever will I keep the words from tumbling out as those beautiful creatures first swarm with questions of curiosity? The sparks in my eyes remind me there are other ways to communicate. Instantly, I felt the river of my soul begin to fill this morning after quite some time of running dry. There was one little creature who asked me with such earnest, WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN? that I nearly wept with thanksgiving when I was able to answer him, IN ONE WEEK!

Change is the only constant.

Jenn Grant's 'Mauve' has been a sweet, musical salve to my soul of late. Here is a line she sings so beautifully. When I hear her melody over and over in my head as I cruise from point A to B on my trusty Mercier, I rest assured that I am where I am meant to be.

Heartache let it go / Let it go / You are where you're meant to be / Heartache let it go/ Let it go/ You are meant to be free

Back to work I go hi ho. No rest for the wicked. Winter, welcome back you damn sly fox. Not sure how I feel about your fierce return, thus silence and stillness will have to suffice. Pictured above, an old photograph shot in December of 2011, at the tail end of my time in Montreal. One steady boot in Manitoba's winter in the bush near the King's palace, one foot in an old tiny bedroom with walls that read over and over: THE FUTURE IS NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. Whenever power lines present themselves in my photo work, I am always pleased with their dissection of space in the composition. This shot is no different. Some day, I will live in a tree stand. No question there.

Adieu // MP

October 22, 2014

Let there be sky

Some recent photos from a single experimental hand processed roll. Stingy use of chemistry leads to great discovery. Just when my train started picking up steam down there, a flare on the track halts the whole operation. Dark times. It goes. So why not push the hell out of a boring old roll of Tmax 400? How hard can it be? Just do it. I love the moody and saturated results of these Ellice and Victor vibrations. Constantly whinging about no sky detail I am?! Most oft'. Shove that! Just glug in more developer, say a prayer, do a dance and blast the thing with hot water when it is all said and done.

Boom shaka-laka: Sky.

Darkroom Greats before me spin in their dark graves at the above recipe for development. I am stormy and words are few these days. School work piles on like cold hard butter and I may or may not be drowning in foolscap. Chin up, I'll be snowshoeing soon.

Ready for November reflection.

Kiev 60 // Tmax 400 pushed to 3200 #WHYTHEHELLNOT

Ex oh ex oh, Madge