December 26, 2013

The Jackal

And then like magic, there was Jackson. He is sweet as pie, curious and more determined than any eight month old babe I have ever encountered. Frog child! Looking forward to a new year with him on my hip. Jackson, you are my bread and butter. That I like.

*Kiev 60/ 120 Tmax 400

December 22, 2013

Leopard on the loose

At the beginning of December, I took a quick trip to Toronto to visit my beloved Leopard child and his parents Matt and Colette at their new home. They were delightful hosts and encouraged much wine drinking, bathing, leisure walking, dress up at the AGO, fine dining and wooden track train play. We had a lovely time together exploring their neighborhood and beyond. I think the best part of all were the many conversations Leo and I shared on the floor, over the tub, in the pram, at the park. That little baby has grown and grown into his own little person WHO SPEAKS. He talks and he talks! Listening for the first time to Leo tell his mama all about his day (in full sentences) as she pulled on his boots at his daycare made me grin from ear to ear as tears coursed over my cheeks. It had been many moons since feeling as profoundly moved as I was reuniting with Leo on a Friday afternoon. I will never forget the moment he asked me point blank to explain my weeping. Tears of joy my friend, tears of joy.

Here are some photos I shot during our time together on expired Fujicolor 800 with the old faithful Nikon F3. Wonky exposure, such is life.


I love you Leo, you're some kind of wonderful. You sure softened my soul after a rough start to December.
Love you always, Meme

December 19, 2013

Tree Chop

Here are some recordings of my first ever tree chop alongside Craig's family; one of many lovely Dueck traditions I am thrilled to participate in. That shot of Craig with his dad and brother Keith just gets me right in the heart. Good guys they are. A just-right pine tree was carefully selected, bound and hauled home from the countryside in the pickup truck and then planted in the middle of our home. It smells real good up in here.

December 5, 2013

Salty Dog

Stone cold drunk and in love. Winnipeg / Halloween 2013.
Was there a cloud covered full moon on Sunday? That would explain a few things. It has been a difficult week, but after x numbered attitude adjustments and a hard lesson on Letting Go, I am well. Got my health! Got mobility! Got a good guy who brings me strong tea when my face is long and words are few. Trim the fat? Such is life. It is definitely a desperate time of year for many and I am trying very hard to be grateful for all of the precious people in my life. Attitude is everything.

Moving on!

There is a new boy in my life. His name is Jackson and he is definitely a frog. Freshly seven months old. I love him already.

In other news, Craig and I made the annual midnight trek to pick up a new snowmobile last night. We may be poor, but we have fun. We had so much fun on his old beater Skidoo winter project last year. This time we upgraded to a '78 440 Skidoo mountain sled. A mountain sled for a coupla' prairie rats, go figure. Long track for deep snow (something which Manitoba has plenty of already). I will leave the mechanic-speak to the mechanic in my life but I am thrilled at the prospect of another winter season of hysterical laughter while we bomb through deep snow trying to find that buried shack in the woods. I also scored a beautiful pair of second hand cross country skis day before yesterday. There is always good to be found. He will break trail and I will break sweat. We will be fine. Last night my sister Erin sent me a thoughtful quote--

The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears or the sea. 

Amen sister.

Loss < Gain!

Here is some new work from a recently processed roll of Tmax 400. Halloween mayhem hosted by Marvin HQ and a mid-work wall hanging thrown in for good measure. Enjoy.

Brad all dolled up for Halloween. Winnipeg / 2013
Western Pat. Winnipeg / Halloween 2013
I made this rose wall hanging for Terry & Myrna's Nov. 30/13 wedding. It came out well (3x8' on canvas w black paint) thanks to lots of room to work. One half of the basement holds the laundry/darkroom and the other is storage/ workspace.

November 29, 2013

99 Years In Jail

Trying hard to be normal.

Mystery roll dosage.

An expired roll of Delta 100 hanging around inside the Olympus 35-SP rangefinder finally surfaced after a homey chemistry dip and hang dry after work last Wednesday. I lazily scanned what looked worthy and here is what came out: soft focused family pictures of my people, The Kroekers (plus a married Thiessen and a dating Dueck). Gaggle of Mennonites on a leafy Sunday. We took a Thanksgiving stroll to Richardson Park together to digest dinner and my cousin Jen kindly shot these laughingly while her man shot our digital portraits proper to fill my mother's annual holiday card quota. I prefer the soft film result. Awkward hands Madge over here. I never know what to do with my hands in front of the camera. Hand me a camera! Good memo to remember as I gear up to shoot a lovely couple's winter nuptials in Winnipeg tomorrow. A brunch wedding, how lovely. What else came out? Oh yes, some shots of Craig transporting a bowl full of fiery logs from pit to stove. Warm that little house in the valley right up. We took a short trip to the Sugar Shack in the bush after Thanksgiving dinner was cleared from the table. I got wonderfully drunk off moonshine and took pictures of little with blinding flash. My kind of holiday. What else? An old room of mine, photographed. A guy leaning over a rickety light table, lovingly filling in all the engine parts of my moped illustration for a new stencil in the works. Do enjoy this mystery look into the striped life I lead.

Timeless! Our children's children will laugh at this someday.
Hot dish.
Sugar Shack innards. 
Almost normal.
Filling in the engine of my latest projection project called the Monza Babe.
Old room, wishbone.
We are okay. 

November 27, 2013

Beach Birds

Three beached birds at Bird's Hill beach. From left JJ, Lo and Madge of 2008. Photo. Cara Berndt

November 23, 2013

Justin & Britt

More from the wedding celebration of Justin and Britt. An assortment of my personal favorites from the print stack.

* 5x5 / 8x8" enlargements on Ilford satin paper. Printed from Tmax 400 :)