May 31, 2013

Lilac week

It is Lilac week in Winnipeg at last. This town is blossoming like a new woman after a long childhood. Finalment! The voice of Leslie Feist compliments this quick state of great beauty.

A large black bird perched in a nearby treetop shares his opinion with the neighborhood. Enough rain! Where is my bb gun? Magpies; shoot 'em dead, he said.

I'm not sure what was in the water last Saturday afternoon but the moment Craig and I were free to pile out of his truck after a morning drive out of the city, boldness overcame me. So much so that I climbed over a fence and bee-lined for the first horse spotted on the farm belonging to my brother in law's parents. Derek (said brother) was wrenching on his vehicle when we arrived. Craig joined Derek in the shop and while they assembled the sand blaster and gave it a go, I was free to roam in my coveralls. 

After giving the horses a good rub down, I hightailed it straight for the wall of bush surrounding the property. Once swallowed by the treeline, I could feel my soul soften. Welcome the trees whispered. Why thank you! Woodticks here I come! Without hesitation, a healthy bow of blossoms was twisted together for a crown and I wandered at my own pace cameraless thinking of Lisa and Liza in their own respective cuts of land. 

Sweet nature, what good you do.

Below is a dear photograph of myself in a Quebecois forest shot two years ago to date. Janelle shot it from the top of a large boulder while we were out roaming aimlessly on a Sunday. When I look at myself here, I can hear her laughter in the distance. This is a very true to form depiction of myself. It's good to have a few of those to mark one's path along the way.

June, oh June, make yourself at home.

Margot in the forest. Photo. Chanel Hince. Mont Royal, Montreal/ May 2011

May 26, 2013

Walking on a pretty daze

Walking Dead practice. Point Douglas/ April 2013
Erin's pretty Mother's Day table.
Milkman watches the grillman.
Half frame at a birthday party/ Kaleb's selfie, full flash.
Spring lookout. Early May 2013/ Winnipeg
JD gets a studio Shear Up.
Kaleb/ My pops is tops. April 2013
Soft focus at home. Shear Upz stencil in process.
Alexa and Kaja at Ben's annual afternoon Spring Fling. Winnipeg/ April 2013
Birthday boy Jess eats a pizza/ Chris and Meagan across the fire. April 2013
Walkin on a pretty daze/ Kung Po
Neck bent beauty, Kenneth reads quietly. Point Douglas/ April 2013

May 23, 2013

Ode to Chanel

Lisa and Nat let the pillows do the talking. Shot in my home; late April 2013.

May 21, 2013

Sydney Ralph Clare

This is a recent photograph of my Grandpa Syd pictured at his 80th birthday party. He's a peach. 

SRCR turns 80. Rosenort, Manitoba. April/ 13

May 18, 2013

May flowers

Look Mémé!
Hands in sand. 
Aging faces pictoral report. Leopard- 16 months.
Boyboy sleeps and I write Liza letters.
CHEESE! Leo's latest facial discovery.
Desmond the long-lashed beauty at 16 months.
Nanny party with Rachel and her boss Desmond.
Leo crowds the baby car. He doesn't mind a bit.
Northward view from Ruby stoop.
Hard at work at eleven in the morning.
Beep beep. Desmond is not impressed with Leo's decision to join him in the driver's seat.
Ruby stoop.
Chariot child.

May 14, 2013


Mother daughter walk-by. Winnipeg/ May 2013
Pre-PRT 'plant Zipper. Winnipeg/ May 2013
Goth bright. Winnipeg/ May 2013
Spring fair at the Forks. Winnipeg/ May 2013
I asked and this is what he gave. Wish you could see here his pools of blue as I did. Winnipeg/ May 2013

Fujichrome 120 slides shot two Saturdays ago. First heat of the season was felt while squirreling around the fairgrounds like a creature on a hunt. The hunt proved unnecessary as faces were open all around, happy to be in sun. I forgot to ask the name of the blue-eyed wonder above. He obliged my beast with kindness and dignity. Thanks man, you make it easy.

When I asked for his picture,  he asked "Why?"

When the mind's eye first registers a photograph, sometimes I have to really work for the portrait that initially captured my attention. To catch, to take or to make photographs? All can be tricky/ lucky/ you name it. With all this said, it is always the exchange between the subject and myself as the photographer that is the best part of shooting. The top image was an experiment in shooting on the fly without asking permission resulting in an image that does not feel like my work. A creature of habit, I prefer to engage with the subject that brings sparks to my eye. Blue here was no exception, no matter how quick our encounter.

These made me smile.


Winnipeg, you funny duck.

Now it is time to sit on the stoop with my version of Kim Kroeker iced tea.

May 1, 2013

In and out of winter

Stephen, prince of Parlour. Winnipeg. January/ 13
Sacked. Winnipeg. January/ 13
Kelly takes a break from Diversity. Winnipeg. December/ 12
Tyler in the forest. Birds Hill Park, Manitoba. February/ 13
Glassy old Red. Point Douglas, Wpg. Novemeber/ 12
Craig takes a dip at Honky Tonk. Pembina Valley, Manitoba. December/ 12
V's Parlour bun. Winnipeg. January/ 13
The day Winter broke. Winnipeg. April/ 13
Alejo on location. Winnipeg. April/ 13
Postal workers. St. Boniface, Wpg. December/ 12