September 26, 2012

Red Head

Unimpressed and precious, this kid/ shot.

Woods lookbook

'Been printing a few batches of photos (shot during the spring contract up north) at a time. Here are some typical sights of life in a tree camp.

Chess for dinner. 
Eating out of frisbees. 
Bare feet. 
Closed eyes.

I wasted a bunch of chemical this evening after a failed 16x16 enlargement. The photo paper kept fogging and I should have known better than to use test strips from one box and paper for final prints from another. Consistency MARGOT. Practice practice practice. Rookie moves all over the place. I eventually threw in the towel and went upstairs to listen to records with Craig on his new and improved system.

Hallelujah for records at the Victor House once again. Let the season in.

September 22, 2012

Depressing Waterslides

Went back to Wet n Wild to shoot this thing proper. CONTRAST VISION. Aug/ 2012

September 19, 2012

Jill and Rooney

There is something magical about this shot. Photographs like these keep me going. Perfect exposure, hallelujah. Can't even begin to articulate the relief of receiving well exposed rolls back after a hectic shoot. Film is a lottery!

What a top notch twosome. This is my new favorite shot of the year.

Jill and Rollin. Winnipeg/ Sept 2012. Darkroom Edition 1 / 4.

September 18, 2012

Aries Baby

A recent still life shot in the kitchen.

September 17, 2012

Tots OSL: a preview

Double down.

Tots Gone Wild. Time for a lick of outtakes. Tots OSL F/W 2012 shoot for Rhymes with Orange; the shop run by the women of Oh So Lovely (my sis)!

Good grief these kids are cute. Personality for days.

What shrimps. Olive has grown from baby to big girl like magic. She makes a mean grass salad for a three year old. Rollin is a really interesting young boy with a builder's mind. It was incredible to watch him build a dog house in Stef's backyard out of found scraps on a Sunday afternoon. Grey light and calm. When I asked Rollin where the dog was, he gave me a look that read that's not the point lady. OKAY! Keep going. I am happy to get to know both kids better. As I lay thinking about the shoot later that night, it really struck me how good it is to be in Winnipeg.

Feels good to be home.

Days like Sunday afternoon are a big part of the reason to return to this city. Thanks to everyone who participated and also to those who take time to look from here on. Be sure to check Erin and Stef's post at OSL in due time. New beginnings for those women! Congratulations Erin and Stef!!

COMING SOON: Vintage kidswear from the women of OSL. Yeeeehaw!

Meet Olive and Rollin; buds for life.

September 16, 2012


Words are few and far between today. 

I did get to know Craig's 85 year old grandpa Cornie Stoez interview-style at a weiner roast this afternoon. He was a good recipient of my questions and answered full well.
Listen up, Grandpa's speaking. At one point around dusk, he held up his charred hotdog after the first bite and peered at each one of us around the table through that little pierced hole and encouraged us to stay positive and never dwell on the negative, no matter the situation at hand. You are as young as you feel! Wise words from a sharp gentleman.

Here is another contact sheet depicting recent travels with the Kiev 60. All over the map as per. Trying to shoot for proper exposure. The arrival of Audrey Lily to Heather and Julian sent me running for the camera. Last of the Rainbow Trout work. Winnipeg band Smoky Tiger was incredibly fun to shoot. Depressing Waterslides was shot with Andrea in mind (because your response to the color version made me want to go back and shoot it again with contrast film--which I did on a day trip to Selkirk from the back of Craig's truck at the Skinner's Drive-thru) thanks.

The following four shots after the Depressing Waterslides were shot in and around Selkirk, Manitoba (a really awesome port town home to a sweet Legion). 

No hats. Click to enlarge for a better view.

Contact sheet. Winnipeg/ St Malo/ Selkirk. End of August 2012.

Weird collection of found papers today after a rural Manitoba thrift scoop resulting in a simple MP Scollage. It has been too long since the last. Tis the season to do just that (scanner collage). Oh la la Autumn. I love how you roll in. Trench coat season COMMENCE. Amen. 

Click to enlarge some weird-ass cats.

For Simon

For Simon, where ever you may be today.

September 11, 2012

The Wilderness and Beyond

Beyond was all around me.

I would have no problem being alone in the Alaskan wilderness on this grey Tuesday.

September 5, 2012


Quality Builders.
Quality Baller.
Quad Babe.
Quick Baby.

Queen Bitch?

Hi. What's new? I wouldn't know as I have been busy working underground. The darkroom is my place of choice these days. Sometimes I get so caught up in the To Be Printed mountain that I forget about life beyond the safelights and darkness of the basement.

Danger! I swear it's not malicious avoidance, it's just exciting is all.

Craig and I joined forces once and for all this week and created a super darkroom underneath his house. The progression has made a world of difference to the process. Sliding through the heavy light barrier into the stairway leading to the basement gives me tremors. 'Been balls deep in a recently-shot family series this week: Mum, Dad, big sis and baby sis all on the family bed, disgruntlement and delight both present on the family faces over the recent addition.

Strong work takes time, this I am learning. No galloping in the darkroom!

Working towards quick turn over as a film photographer over here. Worked on printing a single breast feeding photo for HOURS yesterday and still came up short with only two 8x8 prints, both crap (too contrast >  ^ < too grey). Where is the balance? Dissatisfied by the million test strips but hungry for more, I will head back down and try again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and putting up with this old song.

Here is a new print up from the darkness. Click to enlarge the effects of a filthy negative.

Malin Jams/ Trout- Aug 2012. Scanned copy of 8x8" print.

Now it is the morning. Andrea and Tiff, this contact sheet goes out to you two. Rags, can you spot your gin grin? I love that face, both of those gin grins actually. Milky and Rags, the ultimate party duo. Tiffany, you are a most excellent hostess.