November 29, 2013

99 Years In Jail

Trying hard to be normal.

Mystery roll dosage.

An expired roll of Delta 100 hanging around inside the Olympus 35-SP rangefinder finally surfaced after a homey chemistry dip and hang dry after work last Wednesday. I lazily scanned what looked worthy and here is what came out: soft focused family pictures of my people, The Kroekers (plus a married Thiessen and a dating Dueck). Gaggle of Mennonites on a leafy Sunday. We took a Thanksgiving stroll to Richardson Park together to digest dinner and my cousin Jen kindly shot these laughingly while her man shot our digital portraits proper to fill my mother's annual holiday card quota. I prefer the soft film result. Awkward hands Madge over here. I never know what to do with my hands in front of the camera. Hand me a camera! Good memo to remember as I gear up to shoot a lovely couple's winter nuptials in Winnipeg tomorrow. A brunch wedding, how lovely. What else came out? Oh yes, some shots of Craig transporting a bowl full of fiery logs from pit to stove. Warm that little house in the valley right up. We took a short trip to the Sugar Shack in the bush after Thanksgiving dinner was cleared from the table. I got wonderfully drunk off moonshine and took pictures of little with blinding flash. My kind of holiday. What else? An old room of mine, photographed. A guy leaning over a rickety light table, lovingly filling in all the engine parts of my moped illustration for a new stencil in the works. Do enjoy this mystery look into the striped life I lead.

Timeless! Our children's children will laugh at this someday.
Hot dish.
Sugar Shack innards. 
Almost normal.
Filling in the engine of my latest projection project called the Monza Babe.
Old room, wishbone.
We are okay. 

November 27, 2013

Beach Birds

Three beached birds at Bird's Hill beach. From left JJ, Lo and Madge of 2008. Photo. Cara Berndt

November 23, 2013

Justin & Britt

More from the wedding celebration of Justin and Britt. An assortment of my personal favorites from the print stack.

* 5x5 / 8x8" enlargements on Ilford satin paper. Printed from Tmax 400 :)

November 18, 2013


Soakin' up them Rays.

New home report.

My guy and I agreed that if our love is to last under one roof, we each need a door to close. I have always been one to need "a corner" so long as it was my own to shape and change if need be. I did just that over the weekend; carve out my corner. Three coats of cloud white later, I feel at home on Victor north of Portage. The house is a beauty leaner of a West End home. Quite the typical character two-story with a big old front porch and a lean-to on the back. The color of dry mustard. This is my first time living in Winnipeg's West End. Tight grid in the centre of it all. I am excited about my new neighborhood! Not to mention all the characters nearby. Groceries! Camera shop! Vietnamese restaurants! Tam the Tailor! Trains! So many exits to choose from here. The architecture has a single voice in this block of homes, most are well over 100 years old. Historic heart of Winnipeg.

Setting up shop in the home studio has felt much different than building a bedroom this time 'round. Creating an inspiring environment with my belongings brings great joy to life. When I come across a new space to work within my mind spins. It is important that one feels energized and welcome upon entering. Open furniture, approachable work stations and a good chair are key. Feather pillows. Thoughtful lighting. An inviting listening station to top it off. I have yet to make all the moves listed above. These things take time.

Slow art is subversive.

Slow moves aside, three Mexican sisters watch from the sill. Priorities. Keys and a spider plant hang. The light table and the desk have found their spots. One lamp is lit. Thats about it!

I love hearing Craig's laughter in the house. The occasional yell at hockey on tv makes me laugh upstairs. I live with the person I love. Wild! \ I expect it won't always be pancakes and butterflies.

Here are some old photos of the new house shot in March of 2012 the day that winter broke. Young love was brewing like the Spring.

Underexposed Ektar 100.

Old friend, new roommate Chris.
Front yard meeting.
Bros before hoes.
This is us // Photo. Chris Friesen

November 14, 2013

Nature nurtured

My kind of place to burn. Bell Island, Nova Scotia/ July 2011

November 12, 2013

Take note / Have Mercy

Will Smokes stencil. MP/ 2012
Sometimes when I come home after a long day, I have to lie on the floor and listen to Springsteen at top volume. No apologies. Sometimes I even sing along with the lyrics insert. Shyman's karaoke. Today was one of those days. Though making a baby genuinely laugh as the day turned to night was a real treat. Mabel! She has a great laugh for near six months. It is so neat to hear that first laughter from such a wee thing. She will laugh the same laugh two, three, four years from now. So special. Mabel's witching hour, a process that begins after 4:30 pm most days is funny to witness! Girls gotta stand and yell!

The Barber house is cold cold cold now that it's contents once settled in their place were taken down quickly and packed tight. Rip off the bandage. Three Mexican sisters lie on their backs in a box made to transport a typewriter. My favorite red banner from Steve that reads MEXICO is rolled up. Books are boxed, linens stacked and the medicine cabinet now echos. Moving house is hard. Good bye Haus. Good bye Meg. With this said, I am looking forward to the positive change that comes with relocation. New space to work on, arrange and build from.

Here are some current goals 

- roast a bird
- make a loaf
- build something out of wood
- take a class
- take note
- make a fire for a friend
- share the table
- hang hooks
- welcome change

Last week I wheeled a new bicycle into the stable. Jessica Alba gasped "TRAITOR". Nice to meet you Gears. Ten gears to explore in old friend Winnipeg. Dry November. Unheard of. This new addition is a real beauty. Late sixties french make Mercier in winter white with lovely black detailing, steel racks and fenders. It is a tank. The weight of this bike is a world away from the head-of-hair weighted Miele that has been ridden faithfully since 2009. The knees have announced "no no no more fixed". Such is life. Riding a fixed gear offers a load of power right off the line. Strong momentum is easily maintained on this style of ride, though riding downhill is a nightmare. Now that I have gears and the ability to coast, I hardly know what to do! Legs automatically pedal around corners. I used to know my place in traffic. How to maneuver my body and bike as one in the hustle like a fish hopping upstream. Same thing goes for riding a moped. You get to know the powerband of your motor quick. Peak torque. When to blast, when to hold back. Riding the Mercier is all new. When I do ride I think of Janelle and Laura zipping around Montreal on their geared tanks. 

New bike.
New home.

How hard can in be? Just do it. Change is brewing. The moon fills out. Gotta go carve some big flowers out.