December 30, 2012

Year in Review

It's a sips of this and that kind of Sunday. Mugs of things lie around in lazy rotation. Between the ginger tea for health and the last of the killer pot of beet beef borscht made and then frozen a few weeks back, I'm set. And in between all that table to mouth action, there is a goblet of Kentucky bourbon at ready: Maker's Mark (it spoke to me the moment I tasted it). Big fan of whiskey. Big fan of bourbon. 

Out with the old! In with the new. Happy nearly New Year!

The moon is as over-full as two pregnant mama's-to-be out there. Oh women! Strong thoughts to you these days wherever you may be. 

Tracy are you in labor? 
Nikaela are you in labor? 

Thinking of you two as the time draws near. 

Today seemed like a good day as any to sit down to write. Here is a photographic review of the year 2012. 

I made a choice at the beginning of the year to spend more time with children and family, get to know my neighbors, make more food for people, sit around as many fires as possible, ride like the wind and worry less. I definitely made a good amount of soup and sat around plenty of fires.

This coming year I plan on challenging myself more in the darkroom, making a lot more roasts, baking bread, finding an art job and getting involved in my neighborhood because it's one in a million.

Smell ya later.

Photo. Andrea M

December 17, 2012





JO- I work in a button factory. 

It's been weeks stacked on weeks since I last sat to write. Muscle memory improves with practice.

Letters sit by the door waiting to get out there. Liza Mail. Be still my heart. Steve Mail, you beauty. Thank you for the letters. Deep bow for the postal service.

A kind man came by and fixed up my fridge door real nice today. Now it opens in such a way that is conducive to production. Hallelujah. The kitchen appliances are teaching old dogs new tricks up in here at the Maxipad. Slow down, regroup.

I am taking my own advice and slowing down to regroup. Balance is key. Kitchen work you filled my brain up just right. Enough! I am wearing out at twenty six pick up sticks. For what good? Time to slow down, sing a baby to sleep, sit in the sun, wash the floor with vinegar, read in the doorway.

While working one of many jobs over the course of this year, I met a great family. Their little boy struck a chord in me. "Meet Leo" said dad. Chalk one up for Great Coincidence. The rest is history. I look forward to walking around town with that kid in the new year. And here I thought my nanny days were behind me. Not so.

Off to the Sugar Shack for a good winter's sleep.

December 4, 2012

Ode to Arbus

Pages pulled from books lay underfoot at home. Mon dieu! This blue portrait studio stopped me short while whipping through the stacks looking for something just a minute ago. I decided to scan the image and share the wealth. Looking looking looking for ________ these days. For what? A thread of ingenuity/ clever direction? Looking for new ideas. While the whir of the light table is a quiet reminder of work left wanting, the warm light in the main room at home is too good to leave. I should just drag the stencil out here and be done with it.

November crept out like a dog in the night. Adieu! December, I find you all long dark and bright light. No complaints there. It was nice to spend a day at home today. Doing whatever whenever, moving around the house, turning the potted plants just as they got comfortable in the warmth of high noon. Grow!

I completed none of the projects on my list except for a quick visit to Martha Street Studio. Handing over the Hotdog Teens stencil to Suzie for submission left me feeling free as can be. Details regarding the upcoming Manitoba Printmakers Association member show to come. Looking forward to seeing those familiar stenciled faces hanging by pins on gallery walls.