February 25, 2017

Hat Trick

IDP captured this of me while dining at A & K Lick-A-Chick in Little Bras D'or, Nova Scotia; July 2015. Pentax 67
Howdy partna',

I have entered the high season of inspiration. It builds under my top hat like a magical rabbit; out of sight though popping out at the most appealing of times. Spring is near, I can feel it brewing under the ice which I slip upon. Print production tells me so. I have been carving lino into many stamps. Margot Pollo's hand stamped bean bags, bandanas, napkins, backpacks and Longbods coming to a shop near you. It is very satisfying to follow the steps to creating a healthy inventory. So many steps! Printing is ridiculous and ridiculously rewarding at the same damn time. Same goes for dyeing fabric.

The urge to print overtakes me at odd hours. If you need me you can find me in my workroom. This room has come a long way. There are various stations in working order: Ironing station, Listening station, large worktable, small writing desk, open cutting floor, light table, sewing station. It is clean, organized and either in use, or ready to be. Good sign to keep going methinks.

Exciting collaborations for Spring are in the horizon.

My goal at the moment is to make enough bits 'n bobs to open Margot Pollo's Shop of Curiosities over at margotpollo dot com at long last. The future is now.


Love Madge

Sara & Rich wed: September 2016


Capturing the wedding of Sara & Rich was a gift! Their wedding was held on the farm belonging to the bride's brother. It was a warm and grey afternoon at the end of September. The light was right and the happy, inclusive atmosphere pulsed with celebration of good pure love between two good people. I took delight in framing up the magic in my own way and time. I ran straight out of film.

Here lies a photo essay of photographs I felt compelled to print that tell the tale of Sara and Rich's wedding celebration.

Printed at home on 8x8" Ilford Pearl paper.

Kiev 60 / Delta 400
Nikon F2 / Delta 400

February 18, 2017

Cindy & Sam wed: June 2016


Sam & Cindy wed in June 2016 and I had the pleasure of framing up their day. This is what I felt free to capture.

Nikon F2 / Delta 400
Kiev 60 / Delta 400

February 4, 2017

Shelter Belters

Captured facing south on a piece of land called Whitetail Meadow near Niverville, MB in November 2016.

Take two.

Olympus SP-35 partcam self-timer edition: Fujifilm 400

February 3, 2017

Flip, Flop and I go to Chiang Mai: a single roll photo essay

Train travel is one of my favorite modes of transportation. 

Banpin Station, north of Bangkok. Captured through a train window. We made many stops on the journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai; Banpin was one.

When I look at this, I see my past, present and future. I can hardly wait to print this. Bust out that cloud story.

Bright side, strong side. I love the sense of community and solidarity that presents itself in the morning following a long night ride on a train. People photo snappin' and tooth brushin' right out the windows. A moving house speeding / chugging through the Thai countryside.

I fell in love with this Australian gentleman. I wanted to scoop him up and hear all of his tales over a glass of scotch. 

A softie of a portrait of my brother over brunch at Libra House. December 2016

A side shot of Libra House. The lovely guesthouse we stayed at in Chiang Mai! An excellent place I highly recommend!

My view within the Old Town of Chiang Mai on Moon Road. Dogs, tuktuks, bikes and greenery.


My sweetheart scoping the breakfast menu.

This scan does this frame no favours. I will remedy this disgrace shortly. The tones on this negative are bonkers! 

A portrait of my brother Michael. Or as I like to call him, Milky.

A portrat of our official navigator of Chiang Mai. I praise the moon for Iain's internal compass on a regular basis.

Fence still life / end of the roll pin punches from the negative weight!

All photos shot on my old faithful Kiev 60 / 120 FP4 pushed to 400. I have full intentions of printing this entire roll. Those train shots get my train wheels 'aturnin'.