March 5, 2012

Mystery March

Tiger suit on a Monday morning. Billie Holiday accompanies the morning coffee period along with a juicy tangerine and thoughts on mystery. Where has all the mystery gone? Perhaps it is time to lay this internet post to rest, along with the rest of them. Without internet outlets to feed recent work, daily thoughts and ideas, perhaps committing these hands to paper and print would come easier. Room for concentration without internet distraction. It is so easy to get sucked in, scrolling with eyes roving for hours, feeding my mind fairly useless information when I could be spending those hours working in the darkroom, drawing, sewing, cooking, printing.

So. With that said, this will be the last post of Margot Pollo until the exhibition at Le Taudis has come and gone.

Preservation of mystery.

If you would like to communicate via paperform, this is my latest address:
132 Barber St
R2W 3J7

Mail is timeless. Film is timeless. Horses are timeless.

It has been interesting, this process of building a collection of images to present to the public (many of them still stewing away, internal fires keep ideas bubbling near the surface). The feeling of GO OUT, hit the streets NOW with a camera at the forefront always surprises and thrills. Okay. Listen to your guts, they know what's best.

Listen to Chopin and Brahms.

Hold a baby.

Put away the computer. Pick up a pen.

A man rides down the alley on a bicycle hauling an empty homemade wooden cart. I watch from the kitchen window. This home is a good one. Living with Lisa King is good. Life is good. And now, let the mystery begin. There is a lot of work to do!

A photo exhibition with work by Craig Dueck and Meg Kroeker.
Friday the 13th, April of 2012.
Le Taudis, 567 Selkirk Ave.

See you there.


  1. Good to have you back. This city is great because of the people who live here.

  2. Always time to take in, and time to create. Most of us need both, but you're right that the online time is lazy and occasionally wasted. Great that you're creating again, hitting productive veins.