November 26, 2012

Carte de visite

Roasted cauliflower and hummus pita lunch on a Monday. Cat Power spins, her old croak and beats of yesteryears warm the home. I write from the kitchen. Snow keeps coming and somehow the windowsill plants keep growing. Days off are BLESS-ED. Good night!

My latest room is a milk white cave. I am slowly morphing into a polar bear, all winter white and lumbering body. Snowy adventuring on foot led me right to a box of old photographs early this afternoon. Something needs to be done with all those fading faces. Five dollars hooked me a little toothy lady vignette as well a hard-bordered wedding couple with the bride in a fancy headdress. These folks cried out to be stenciled. D'accord.

But first I must finish what has long been started. The Seal of NY has gone from a two inch stamp to a foot and a half square stencil. That stamp caught my eye about two years ago from a No. 80 bus window while roaring down Parc in Montreal with Leo. We jumped off the bus and ran for the stamp shop, stroller and all. That's what I miss most about life with Leo, he was such good company; always ready for adventure at a moment's notice. No tears from shocking weather or quick decisions made on his behalf. Somehow that little crest has become an extension of myself, passed from hand to hand traveling this country letter by letter. That I like. Naturally, it transformed itself into something new. From rubber to muslin, art grows!

S L O W   A R T   I S   S U B V E R S I V E  . 

And so the cave is transforming my work. All that fits now is a bed, sewing machine and light table. Gotta choose those projects wisely. Work then sleep.

We sleep when we're dead.

Speaking of the dead, I have a crush on Man Ray. He was a wizard alternatif.  √ √ √ √ √ √

Lisa justified new work last night as we stood in my room looking at the progress of a piece I am working towards (slow as molasses). Her input re-ignited the fire to create. Thank you. King for the win. It can be a discipline to sit there for hours on end, carving away to let the light shine in. Once the image takes shape and begins to reveal itself there is no turning back. The process is lean and the result rich. Turning portraits into stencils. This is my art these days. An exhibition of sorts to come.

Winter is in. Here we come.

"A creator needs only one enthusiast to justify him."
Man Ray
American Artist and Photographer

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