December 17, 2012





JO- I work in a button factory. 

It's been weeks stacked on weeks since I last sat to write. Muscle memory improves with practice.

Letters sit by the door waiting to get out there. Liza Mail. Be still my heart. Steve Mail, you beauty. Thank you for the letters. Deep bow for the postal service.

A kind man came by and fixed up my fridge door real nice today. Now it opens in such a way that is conducive to production. Hallelujah. The kitchen appliances are teaching old dogs new tricks up in here at the Maxipad. Slow down, regroup.

I am taking my own advice and slowing down to regroup. Balance is key. Kitchen work you filled my brain up just right. Enough! I am wearing out at twenty six pick up sticks. For what good? Time to slow down, sing a baby to sleep, sit in the sun, wash the floor with vinegar, read in the doorway.

While working one of many jobs over the course of this year, I met a great family. Their little boy struck a chord in me. "Meet Leo" said dad. Chalk one up for Great Coincidence. The rest is history. I look forward to walking around town with that kid in the new year. And here I thought my nanny days were behind me. Not so.

Off to the Sugar Shack for a good winter's sleep.

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  1. Lady, merry almost Christmas! I am still in the deep hole of a final paper, unable to get words on the page. I move in a few crazy! I think This is contributing to my funk. If you can send the letter to my address in SK! Yowza. I wil email it.