May 26, 2013

Walking on a pretty daze

Walking Dead practice. Point Douglas/ April 2013
Erin's pretty Mother's Day table.
Milkman watches the grillman.
Half frame at a birthday party/ Kaleb's selfie, full flash.
Spring lookout. Early May 2013/ Winnipeg
JD gets a studio Shear Up.
Kaleb/ My pops is tops. April 2013
Soft focus at home. Shear Upz stencil in process.
Alexa and Kaja at Ben's annual afternoon Spring Fling. Winnipeg/ April 2013
Birthday boy Jess eats a pizza/ Chris and Meagan across the fire. April 2013
Walkin on a pretty daze/ Kung Po
Neck bent beauty, Kenneth reads quietly. Point Douglas/ April 2013

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