June 29, 2013

Hook & Ladder

Day in the life of a nanny and company-- the wonder years. This professionally scanned roll of Ektar 100 spells it right out: life is pretty sweet. On Wednesdays, my friend Rachel and I try to get our bosses together for a playdate. Leo and Desmond are pictured above and both lads are 18 months old respectively. They are pretty neat.

This sweet time in life won't last forever so I am trying to capture the goodness of it all. Opinionated Leo on the back stoop steps. Friendly Leo waving hello to the large and in charge mother and daughter duo at Vimy Ridge park. Leo and Desmond guzzling from each other's water vessels. Hook and ladder attendants to the rescue in matchy-matchy swim wear. Rachel is a real beauty and a wonderful nanny to Desmond. When I asked for her portrait, she gave her face wide open and I think it is my favorite shot of the year thus far. Thank you senorita.

Time flies.

Looking forward to shooting Ross and Pete's portraits from a father son shop perspective in a few weeks time. But before then, there are family weddings to attend, new cities to explore with Leo upon my shoulders and friends of the ages to wine and dine in La Belle Province. Upcoming travel brews on the horizon. What luck!

A damn wise woman once said: BEFORE ANY GREAT CHANGE, TAKE A HOLIDAY. Amen, Chanel. A bientot, bebe.

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  1. i love all of these sooo much. great work meg.