July 5, 2013

For you

For Leo, because you love ants more than anyone I know. Albuquerque, NM / June 2013
For Kat, because you love Lavender. Albuquerque, NM / June 2013
For Lisa, because you are a barber. Albuquerque, NM / June 2013
For Liza, because you love a good stoop. Albuquerque, NM / June 2013
For Milkman, because you love aviation. Albuquerque, NM / June 2013
For Maya Rose, because you love clouds. Homeward bound / June 2013
For Tante MB, because you inspire me to fill my sills with plants. Home in Winnipeg / June 2013

This beautifully exposed color crop is from a recent roll of Ektar 100. No editing necessary for these bold primary colors. RED and blue come out great with this type of film. As my dad always says, do it right the first time. I have been making an effort to slow down and expose properly while out shooting with the Kiev and in doing so have been very pleased with the recent fruit of labor coming back from the lab.

Oh Summer, you are so damn photogenic! I have a heap of contrast rolls that need attention. But first I must wash floors, clean one more bathroom and finish the baby's laundry.


  1. Yes, I do. I love it. Letter is en route to you love!

    1. Dear Liza, I received your beauty floral letter yesterday! What a way to end a week. Thanks woman. I especially loved the G&M photo contest clipping of the cottage hovering above water!! Bananas: that place, that image. Also loved the little clippings of your Bush photo library. Great idea. Thanks for writing. Made my day! Where shall mail letters to these days? Same address for T Roth's camp? Love you, Meg

  2. If sent in the next two weeks, same address. If after that, to Saskatoon!
    love love love, Liza