November 29, 2013

99 Years In Jail

Trying hard to be normal.

Mystery roll dosage.

An expired roll of Delta 100 hanging around inside the Olympus 35-SP rangefinder finally surfaced after a homey chemistry dip and hang dry after work last Wednesday. I lazily scanned what looked worthy and here is what came out: soft focused family pictures of my people, The Kroekers (plus a married Thiessen and a dating Dueck). Gaggle of Mennonites on a leafy Sunday. We took a Thanksgiving stroll to Richardson Park together to digest dinner and my cousin Jen kindly shot these laughingly while her man shot our digital portraits proper to fill my mother's annual holiday card quota. I prefer the soft film result. Awkward hands Madge over here. I never know what to do with my hands in front of the camera. Hand me a camera! Good memo to remember as I gear up to shoot a lovely couple's winter nuptials in Winnipeg tomorrow. A brunch wedding, how lovely. What else came out? Oh yes, some shots of Craig transporting a bowl full of fiery logs from pit to stove. Warm that little house in the valley right up. We took a short trip to the Sugar Shack in the bush after Thanksgiving dinner was cleared from the table. I got wonderfully drunk off moonshine and took pictures of little with blinding flash. My kind of holiday. What else? An old room of mine, photographed. A guy leaning over a rickety light table, lovingly filling in all the engine parts of my moped illustration for a new stencil in the works. Do enjoy this mystery look into the striped life I lead.

Timeless! Our children's children will laugh at this someday.
Hot dish.
Sugar Shack innards. 
Almost normal.
Filling in the engine of my latest projection project called the Monza Babe.
Old room, wishbone.
We are okay. 

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  1. I like all of these a lot! I'm home! Lets see each other. :)