December 22, 2013

Leopard on the loose

At the beginning of December, I took a quick trip to Toronto to visit my beloved Leopard child and his parents Matt and Colette at their new home. They were delightful hosts and encouraged much wine drinking, bathing, leisure walking, dress up at the AGO, fine dining and wooden track train play. We had a lovely time together exploring their neighborhood and beyond. I think the best part of all were the many conversations Leo and I shared on the floor, over the tub, in the pram, at the park. That little baby has grown and grown into his own little person WHO SPEAKS. He talks and he talks! Listening for the first time to Leo tell his mama all about his day (in full sentences) as she pulled on his boots at his daycare made me grin from ear to ear as tears coursed over my cheeks. It had been many moons since feeling as profoundly moved as I was reuniting with Leo on a Friday afternoon. I will never forget the moment he asked me point blank to explain my weeping. Tears of joy my friend, tears of joy.

Here are some photos I shot during our time together on expired Fujicolor 800 with the old faithful Nikon F3. Wonky exposure, such is life.


I love you Leo, you're some kind of wonderful. You sure softened my soul after a rough start to December.
Love you always, Meme


  1. looks like you had a lovely trip megan! happy new year!
    - rachel

  2. oh meg i love you and this and leo and your work.