February 7, 2014

Snail's pace

I asked and this is what she gave. Mismatched gloves and a face wide open.
I asked and this is what he gave. Baby Crosby giving it away for free.
I asked and this is what he gave. Warm cookies straight from the oven and a most regal face.
This girl was very excited to show program director Josh her finished quinzee masterpiece.
I think this is a good representation of what Josh is all about.
Quinzee talk.
Mouthful of teeth, that I like.
Josh and Toby, doing their thang.
Snoball shinny and a multi-armed creature.
The ever chic Chrystal and co.
Duncan oversees the sled washer at the foot of the Snoball obstacle course.
Duncan carves a gargoyle. 
Observing the luge run from afar.
I asked and this is what she gave. Snow cone beauty.

I went out walking last Saturday afternoon. Just myself and the Kiev. I shot around the West End under beautiful high sun filling up an oldie goldie roll of slide film and then working through a roll of contrast. My gut told me to head southeast and load my camera with color while I was at it, so I did. Ended up at Art City's annual West Broadway winter Snoball! Great fun was had. Great chili was eaten. Great faces aplenty were captured. I love being an observer at creative events of these sort. Happenstance! I love winter. It feels incredibly long-winded at times, but it has it's perks. This happy-go-lucky roll reminded me of all the magic to be found during the long season.

*This series was shot on a single roll of expired 220 Fujicolor NPC 160 (that I picked up for a dollar!) with the ever trusty Kiev 60-TTL/ 80mm. This was my first go at shooting 220 film. Medium format, same as 120 but double the film length! 24 exposures?!!? That is a hell of a length to expose when one is accustomed to only 14 exposures MAX. Despite the fact that I forgot to count exposures after the Kiev's counter hit 12, I was very pleased with the outcome. Next time I will be sure to count out 25 exposures to eliminate waste. It is obvious by the overlap on many of the shots that I was blasting. Rushing rarely pays off. Another lesson on slowing down the process and doing it right the first time! While the roll may have been a steal, the processing cost a small fortune! Enjoy.

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