June 15, 2014

Full frame

Rainy weekends are a wonderful excuse to stay in and print all day! Yesterday morning I woke early and decided to get my darkroom into shape. We had been using an old, crappy, bowed particle board desk for far too long as the tray table. NO MORE! It felt so damn good to kick the the life out of that desk once and for all!! I cleaned out the area, organized the chemicals and tools that are in heavy rotation, heaved the old and organized the spare parts for a friend looking to build her own darkroom.

In a house of three printers, we have triple the stuff necessary for a working print studio. As a birthday gift, Craig built me a new stainless steel work table. Unlike the old, the new one stands much higher! I can finally agitate prints on my feet with no stoop in my back! Thrilling for this old granny. This probably reads boring or nerdy but my print game has completely changed thanks to my new table.

Last night I printed up a storm while it rained buckets outside. Filled three orders and experimented with new techniques and new-to-me paper. My local camera shop had sold out of their pearl-finish photo paper so I settled for glossy and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Prints took about three times as long to dry with a slight curl, but the contrast came out so snappy. Le yum, I love me some snappy contrast.

Here is one 9x12" print I shot and hand printed full frame for a good friend. To me this looks straight out of the sixties with her leg slung over the saddle, laced boot wagging, little rubber boots and engineer stripes happily accepting some mama love.

Life is good.
Mama love on Westminster. 9x12" print // Canon EOS 3 //  Delta 100 pro

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