October 22, 2014

Let there be sky

Some recent photos from a single experimental hand processed roll. Stingy use of chemistry leads to great discovery. Just when my train started picking up steam down there, a flare on the track halts the whole operation. Dark times. It goes. So why not push the hell out of a boring old roll of Tmax 400? How hard can it be? Just do it. I love the moody and saturated results of these Ellice and Victor vibrations. Constantly whinging about no sky detail I am?! Most oft'. Shove that! Just glug in more developer, say a prayer, do a dance and blast the thing with hot water when it is all said and done.

Boom shaka-laka: Sky.

Darkroom Greats before me spin in their dark graves at the above recipe for development. I am stormy and words are few these days. School work piles on like cold hard butter and I may or may not be drowning in foolscap. Chin up, I'll be snowshoeing soon.

Ready for November reflection.

Kiev 60 // Tmax 400 pushed to 3200 #WHYTHEHELLNOT

Ex oh ex oh, Madge


  1. I found your blog just a couple of days ago and it's an inspiration!

    1. Wowee! Terribly many thank you's for you kind words. Affirmations of these kind are just the push I need to keep writing. x

  2. Replies
    1. No way Jose! Second shot from the bottom? Or do you live on Victor Street? Wild. I hope that beautiful back porch in the second shot from the bottom is yours all yours. I love that vantage point from Ellice looking northwards, it is such a patchwork of beauty. The contrast film hardly does it justice for me. And HELLO woman, can't believe you read this ongoing ramble. Merci!

  3. second from the bottom, yup. home sweet home street.
    the back porch isn't mine, but the little second floor sunroom is. that tree!!! i love it so. so nice to see it captured like this! in all its leafy leafy glory.
    it really is a strangely beautiful view. a patchwork indeed.
    your work is beautiful!