April 13, 2015


Yesterday Iain and I sat on Garbage Hill, catching our breath after a good hustle around town. His orange wind breaker wrapped around my waist heating up my trunk like a slow burn. First bicycle ride of the season. I am not used to riding with anyone or having to keep up to anyone when I cycle. It is exhilarating! I can't believe there is no convincing necessary to grab a bike and head for the highest vantage point in the city; the suggestion is made and five minutes later we are off. Tall can right at home in his back pocket. Where is my camera? I think as I ride behind. We pass a motorboat stacked with tired mattresses on Selkirk. Where is my camera? I think as I lead the way.

On the weekends we head to the river to sit and drink coffee early in the morning before the day picks up steam. I like that time of day best. Sitting on a bench with great company, looking at the water move freely. Winter is gone and spring is letting out.

I love this particular series of shots from a recent roll of 220 as old as the hills in the background of the last frame.

Looking westwards toward the Escarpment.
I cannot stop photographing Studio Fannystelle (unable to avoid my own shadow in the process).
Asking cows for portraits.
Golden man at magic hour.

That structure sinking into the deep is magic to me. This is Manitoba in the springtime. Fallow but hopeful.

Pentax 67 / expired Kodak 220 Special 400

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