May 2, 2015

Welcome to Graintown

Ives & Gilbert with their mama before lunch.
Newly twenty nine and on the road again.
Basking in the light of the Honeymoon suite.
Nikaela and her sweet new new new J Gilbert R.
On the road with Beevis and Butthead.
Beevis beauty.
Butthead beauty.
Three sisters on a family chesterfield, plus Basil the diva dog.
On the road with JJ.
Happy in my happy place. Photo. Iain P
Proof of winter athletics, self timer edition.
In the Mexican suite at Altamont. Photo. Rebecca B
Babs and large waty.
Kit tells a tale and Babs takes it in.
True cowboy love.
Adventures in love.
G feeds the decorative alpacas.
Smelly feeds the mean ones.
Shitmix of film from a shitmix of cameras processed in a shitmix of chemistry and hung to dry. Spring is in, the tales from the photographs tell me so. Life is rich, this I know for sure.

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