November 16, 2015

Back in the saddle

Time to step out and debut what has been cookin' on the back burner for many a moon. Textiles! Printmaking has long been a passion of mine and loooooooord does it ever feel good to approach the process once again. While I have yet to slip my printing apron on and pull a lick of ink, I have been spending my evenings between the ironing board readying a fat stack of fabric for the first go and at the light table playing around with old work and new.

My hat is off to all the fine folks out there who do this type of production for a living. The list is long but the process is rich.

I have gone back and forth for ages on whether or not to sell my work and finally I decided to quit winging and just do it. AIN'T NOTHIN' TO IT BUT TO DO IT. Get those wacky, imperfect textiles out there and buy yourself a new computer goddamnit woman! Integrity shall remain so long as honesty and quality are at the helm of it all.

So, on Sunday, December 13th I shall be debuting my take on textiles. I am really into cloth napkins and beautiful throw pillows in my daily life. Pillowcases. Maybe even a shower curtain or two. You can count on those items for purchase. Oh! And a couple of Lady Longbody's too because WHY NOT.

For this particular sale, my approach is to hand print and dye various fabrics; combining my ongoing obsession for stencils with good ol' ink-and-quill illustrations for a fresh take on printing. I have a hunch some papery bits will be flung in at the last moment too because once my print train gets going there ain't no stopping this old gal pal. Full steam ahead!

Back in the saddle with loose reins and eyes trained on the horizon. Feels electric and good; familiar and foreign at the same time. Now back to writing report cards for three and four year olds I go hi-ho. Life is wacky, weird and wonderful. November has been a real treat thus far. Iain dragged home a firepit for his sweetheart over the weekend. Sheer delight 'ditzeid.

Sparks are flyin' over here to say the least.