December 29, 2015

120 Color Photo essay: Winter on the Farm

Bella on the run at the Petkau farm. Morden, MB / Portra 800

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. These two are jokers. Laughter and tenderness abound.

Atlas proudly holds young Bella. Winter 2015.

Beatty-Petkau's moon for the camera. We woke on the farm to a winter wonderland. 

The fog was dense and the light was incredible. Behind this family and hidden by fog lies a thick treeline. 

Atlas, Rebecca, young Arlo and Conrad. Quality family right here. 

All photos shot on my old faithful, the Kiev 60; shown in consecutive order in which they were shot. Portra 800 film did the trick to pick up on those warm colors on a cold day. The light was right thanks to a heavy fog and zero wind! Magic combination. Thank goodness my camera was loaded with color film. Contrast film would never have done the beauty of that day justice! I had never in my life seen such impressive hoar frost as I did the morning this roll was shot. Mind's Eye just mad snappin'.

Winter is magic!

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