March 17, 2016

Hurry up and wait

Diagramming at the Morden Legion; February 2016.

11 month old Lil' Water. Walter and his mama. Rosenort, MB; February 2016.

Walter walking a blue streak towards his dad. Rosenort, MB; February 2016.

Portrait of an armful: my ma holding JJ who holds his little sister, sweet B. Winnipeg, MB; January 2016.

Pa Kettle, the baby whisperer. 

Ni in his corner. Winnipeg, MB; February 2016.

Ten month old Gus taking in the sights from his Chariot vantage point. Winnipeg, MB; February 2016.

Christmas Eve portrait of my parents in their yard. Rosenort, MB; December 2015.

Christmas Eve portrait of Ni and I outside my parent's house. 

Amelia on my stoop in late summer. Winnipeg, MB; September 2015.

A funny found negative from Harvest Moon Festival. Clearwater, MB; September 2015.

Inspiration on Rorie Street. Winnipeg, MB; February 2016.

Finally processed the many rolls that were clackin' around in my print apron. I'm saving my pennies and thus it was a job for the home scanner. This batch of 120 Delta 400 came out EXCEPTIONALLY gritty and quite wretched, though a part of me found them quite fitting considering the gritty and wretched seasonal limbo Winnipeg is lurking in at the moment.

Spring / Winter / Spring / Winter

Flip / Flop / Flip / Flop

Dry / Wet / Dry / Wet

Dark  / Light / Dark / Light

Exposed / Unexposed / Exposed / Unexposed

The seasonal flip-flopping is quite brutal but the warmth of the March sun encourages me to carry on tight lipped. Nothing I can do but move through the slop like the rest of my fellow city slickers and countryside folk. Splash pants and rubber boots. Dogshit and cigarette butts. Lost shoes and wet trash. Somehow the green always manages to cut a path through the grit.

I was walking with Leo yesterday down an alleyway toward the twins' place after four and his attitude toward this time of year was so inspiring! He picked up every piece of trash he found on the ground as if it were some magical treasure. At one point he looked at me as we dumped our treasure into a bin, and he said with such an intensity, "taking care of the Earth is our only job Megan". You said it kid.

Four year olds man, four year olds.

*Kiev 60 / 120 Delta 400 processed and scanned at home / begging to be printed.

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  1. Meg!!!!!!! James' bebe Walter is outrageous.
    Amers on your stoop, so cute!
    Ian photographs so well!
    Love this!