July 18, 2016


Doo-do-dooo do-doo-dooot dooo.

Andy Shauf's new album The Party on repeat over here. In celebration of my thirtieth birthday back in April, my sister and brothers gave to me said record along with a wizard of a mop by Norwex. My witches broom now sits sadly in the corner, trumped. There is something about Shauf's latest album that pierces the target of my soul. I like his funny voice that easily carries his tune with depth and emotion, those easy melodies, not to mention the strings, piano, horns and most excellent bass and drum rhythms altogether. Holy smokes! I can hardly wait to hear his real live voice at the Park Theater on October 6, 2016 in Winnipeg.

I write from my old faithful metal desk. I've hauled this ladylike desk all over the country over the course of the last decade. This morn I woke early to wish Iain well as he left for work. Puttering in the house I did, tending to the plants and laundry lying neglected thanks to a four day cottage getaway with my family; all the while drinking coffee slowly. Good mornings, these kind. I am set to print textiles at Martha Street Studio in the coming hour. Margot Pollo for Thought Shapes, my sister's shop. Check it CLICK here! It's been a real treat not to mention good practice for the illustrator in me to come up with stencils and designs for Erin. Sometimes she suggests things to make or directions to go and other times she encourages free reign of anything I can come up with to silkscreen onto a top. I love printmaking and the process of zipping that goopy ink loaded on a sharp edged squeegee over a wood-framed silk screen lying on top of whatever the heart desires to print upon. Magic! Flood, zip.

Part deux: I wrote that first section a few days ago. Before Lula Browning was born. The healthy babe of dear friends of mine and Iain's arrived on Saturday, July 16th, 2016. Praise be to the waxing moon. I heard the great news and proceeded to whisper her name to myself a trillion times that day. Lula, welcome dear one. We have been waiting for you. I just came up from the darkroom. It is one in the morning. Iain snores contentedly, the dishwasher runs at this ungodly hour and I am drinking an Original 16. It's not very cold but still very enjoyable. The last negative I enlarged and printed was of a couple I met on the coldest day of winter shot in February of 2016. I was cycling down Notre Dame Avenue in the late afternoon that day on my newly built winter bicycle (Jessica Alba had been reconfigured into a ghastly snow plowing machine by the gentlemen of Natural Cycle. Much to my chagrin, the studded tire is presently on the front wheel. I rode it today thanks to a flat on my temperamental but lovely Mercier. It is mid July. Terrible! I'm sorry Alba, I'll slick you up sooner than later). As I was cycling, an interesting swatch of light hitting the tiles of a neighborhood community center caught my eye. After composing the shot, a jaywalking couple caught my eye. I walked over to meet them as they climbed up to the curb and we got to talking. I swear to God that was the coldest day of the year and this dude--Amber Dawn's sidekick (I never caught his name)--all he was wearing was a bulky Winnipeg Jets zip up hoodie. It was -35 C outside. My hands were aching from the forty seconds they were exposed to the wind while shooting. I asked for their portrait and they happily obliged. I didn't have any cigarettes for them and we went our separate ways. In retrospect I wish I took Amber Dawn's address down. Hindsight is always 20/20. I knew it was a good portrait when I shot it. She adjusted her leg into him in such a way that the photo nods to the seductress. She reminds me of a beautiful serpent. Mysterious and tempting in black and white.

Belles of Art City's Winnipeg Social; corsages et al. Winnipeg, MB; April 2016.
Photo thanks to Amy Zach.
Printed at home in July on Ilford Pearl, 8x8"

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