May 30, 2017

Littlest Witch

Two of my favorite folks: Lula and her Uncle Beetle.
Lula in the sun / An icy fish caught by Ed while ice fishing on Rock Lake.
Lula and Rebecca go through an old album of Europe travel photos / Ironing in long underwear and a backwards cap. 
Typical scenes of spring.
Shadows of spring and a Margot Pollo kerchief.
Mama and girl.
A good day for drinks on the back deck.
Lula and her pa. 
Rascal Jr. & Sr.
Lula Browning sitting pretty at nine months old. April 2017.

All photos captured on Iain's trusty Canon AE-1 / Fujicolor Pro 400
Winnipeg, MB; February - April 2017

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