July 20, 2017

Domingo's Hat

Summer home on the bias. Chess table made by Ni's dad Ed.
Freedom on the loose.
Family garden perking up on the last day of June.
Life on the farm is easygoing.
Jiggs and I carve out a new stencil like madwomen for Beige's wedding day.
Progress report. Looking zany but interesting?!
First contrast photo of Carys. Little lady's first time at Patricia Beach. 
Beach babies at the start of July. My kind of day!
Long cool boy in a Guatemalan sun hat crafted by a man called Domingo.
Carys and I pause for a portrait in the shade. Photo thanks to Rebecca Beatty
Table for two, mirror of one.

Summer is in. Life is rich with the laughter of small, funny children ringing through my house, warm winds tousling the bedroom curtains, cycling with more skin exposed than clothing, stains from cherry pits on a white nightgown, dirty floors from sandalled feet, not to mention the sound of sunflower seeds cracking and flying out the window of a new car.

Here is a look in at my recent goings on of the high season. Farm visits to tend the garden and seduce wild kittens with my charms, beach picnics with little ones putting sandy hands in the cracker box, watching a small child learn to trust her instincts on a bicycle. Walking aimlessly with a good friend before she leaves for good.

Nothing quite beats receiving a new hat in the post or walking home to a grocery bag of beets and dark leafy greens hanging from the doorknob.

Summer, you beauty.

Captured on Iain's trusty Canon AE-1 on Delta 400. I am not sure why these came out so gritty, perhaps the meter is off? Oh well, ca va. Take me or leave it.

Margot la P

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