August 21, 2017

Tricks for the Kids

Brielle with her daughters, Anouk and brand new Maielle. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017
I was lucky enough to witness this child slip into the world. Welcome sweet child! Winnipeg, MB; July 2017
I haven't encountered a face like this gentleman's in some time. He was such a lovely server. Deep grace. I asked and this is what he gave. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017
Jillian Jiggs and one of her tricks for the kids. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017 
I met Gaby Ocejo at a wedding I was photographing in July. Beauty plays her guitar so beautifully. I asked and this is what she gave. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017
Margot cuts a rug on the clock. Tony knows. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017
Noam checks on young Ari while Cohen and his zeyda observe. This is one plucked from a family series I did for this wonderful gang of people called the Beckers and co. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017
Four young men in their "handsome shirts" pause for a sixtieth of a second while they wait for a bubble to emerge. Baba knows how to encourage deep focus in her grandboys. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017
Nothing quite like a back porch, late night serenade from loved ones. Here Jillian plays a little jig on her violin. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017

Iain tunes in. I feel so goddamn lucky to share a home with this gentleman. I needed more music in my life and there was Iain all along. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017

Short crop, linen dress, mid-clean self portrait in the darkest room of the house. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017

Kali nurses sweet young Ollie. Winnipeg, MB; July 2017

The six colour / six contrast selection of photos above were captured on my old faithful Kiev 60. 120 Portra 400 for colour and 120 Delta 400 for the contrast. I have been very, very busy with photowork over the course of two months. I realized today while chucking a load of washing into the dryer that it is time to stop shooting. Lay the camera down for a spell. This very thought caused my internal driver to shift suddenly, miss a gear midair, land heavily and carry on with the tasks at hand. Heart drop. Oh well. I will come back to it, I always do. It feels good to have found a new pace in the last two weeks. I think the combination of eating better quality food and simplified living, paired with more movement is beginning to make way for greater energy and focus. I can feel Autumn approaching as I work around my home, taking care to pare down and cleanse our space before we turn a new page as newlyweds. Perhaps that is strange to do or say, but it feels good and I am following my gut on this one.  I have organized and stockpiled the darkroom like a productive squirrel. It is nearly time to get crackin' on those mountains of bounty. But not quite! Soon. Today's rainy day Solar Eclipse had me buzzing to get busy in the dark. I have one last wedding to process and then it will be time to print.

My own wedding to Iain fast approaches. I feel funny when people ask for lists to knock off and simply respond with "we're good" because we are. The idea of all of the ideas and details of the day coming together makes my heart swell! The wedding process has been strange and stressful but these days it feels good and simple and now I am suddenly very excited. Yesterday while taking the long way home from the International Peace Garden near Boissevain, Manitoba, Iain and I found ourselves at the mouth of our favourite piece of land, scratching our heads in wonder at the thought that in a few weeks time we will gather with 80 of our most loved people and celebrate encircled by trees. I like his slow smile when he discovers a loose air hose under the hood of his truck. Panic rises in me, but he grins at the possibility of sleeping outside for the third night in a row. Oh my heart, did I ever think I would marry a poet? Never! I can hardly wait to begin another new chapter with my love.

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