January 14, 2020

Softie but a Goodie

Third time momma to be captured at 28 weeks on a crisp day in early October.
Mother / daughter.
Chad with his young / Kelsey and young Amelie stroll through the bluff. Rosenort, MB; October 2019.
Uncle Mike reads a new book to Benny after bath time. Winnipeg, MB; November 2019.
Crystal and Rusty ham it up in their back lane. Winnipeg, MB; November 2019.
Dad & son / Son & mom in the sun. Winnipeg, MB; November 2019.
Benny / Lue. Winnipeg, MB; December 2019.
Sophie's portrait at the Forks / Sophie & Will. Winnipeg, MB; December 2019.
Sophie, Will & Benny at the Forks / softie but a goodie. Winnipeg, MB; December 2019.

Diptych review caught at the tail end of the year. I loaded the half frame camera in early October and processed it the first week of December. A 36 exposure roll of FP4+ took what felt like lightyears to fill (72 frames). Fun to slow it down and completely forget what I shot. Need to start carrying a tape measure by the looks of my soft focus. Too shallow, too deep. Find the depth, Madge.

Yashica 72-E / FP4+ processed as 400

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