November 21, 2011

Stubborn and Impatient

House is clean. That always feels good. I almost strangled a tiny little woman this morning. How out of character! I am normally quite drawn to the eccentricities of the elderly, but this lady had an axe to grind  apparently. I went into her fabric shop looking for some suitable blackout fabric and she razzed me for what felt like eternity for "shopping on a guess". She also refused to tell me the price per yard of my choice material until I coughed up some measurements. QUOI? Well, excusez moi for looking in your shop lady! When my curled ram horns started shaking I took my cue and huffed out to the door and zipped off with Alba. I hadn't exposed the fiery, stubborn side to my character in a while. Though I left empty handed, it felt good to cycle with a strong raging rhythm. Haha. Little old Jewish woman dies at the hands of angry unemployed cyclist in fabric shop.

Plates are shifting. I am a drifter these days. Must stop sleeping in, I am missing the best light of day. Taking a brain break from photography for a bit, though my cameras are at ready all around the house, just in case the spirit leads me. Still working to prepare the workroom for dark production.

Milky comes on Friday, can't wait to zip around town together.

Source unknown. Found this house tucked away in a folder called House Jazz. 

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