November 18, 2011

Test Striptease

Does anyone know the steps I should take to center this file in the header? Design savvy I am not today. Better luck tomorrow. In other news, I bought an enlarger from a wonderful man named Michael. He drove me home after a successful Craigslist adventure to NDG. Looking forward to learning the process. The last few days I have been puttering in the workroom, moving things around. I need a 5 gallon pail and some blackout fabric then I think I will be ready to rip! Mon dieu, the thought!

I have decided to leave school and pursue life. Perhaps I didn't challenge myself enough there, but this darkroom holds promise. Here is some recent work. Hopefully the LAST roll of black and white that I will bring in to have processed. Woooh! My room, in its usual state. My workroom is confused but I  have faith.

Work Table view in October.
Beauty October, clear and dry. Montreal, 2011.
Student self portrait. 
12:44 at the Listening Station.

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  1. I love how Willa's face popped right out at me in that first picture. :)

    I forget how to format the header, but try playing around with the html, that's what I usually do - just trial and error. There are also tutorials out there if you google a question. Sorry I can't be of more help.