July 19, 2012


Collaborative art. Photo date unknown. Stencil April 2012/ Winnipeg.

Nashville Skyline on repeat for hours and hours. Currently walking around the house in age old glow-in-the-dark boxers and a giant hat. Pint sized G&T. That sounds small. Too hot for cool. Selfish twenties, you'll be but a dream one day. Today I am in the thick of it, the self serve of this decade of age. Making and doing at my leisure, sweating to the oldies of Bob Dylan on the turntable in my studio. When I say studio I mean bedroom. Perhaps one day I will find the path to move my work out of my sleep space. For now it works. Going through my notes from a recent Concordia art history class, I found some sketches smack dab in the middle of an artist profile on german Industrial Photography duo Bernard and Hilla Becher. Apparently their work was a far cry from captivating--considering the lack of doodles elsewhere in the notes.

From aimless silhouette to aimless stencil, a new direction. Now which President was this again? Lord knows.

Silhouette of a mystery. July 2012/ Winnipeg.

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