July 11, 2012

Puch lookbook

Recent development. Back into color's arms I fly, for faith is restored once again.  Love / Hate; color vision. These three photos shut the doubt right out and confirm that color film has its place. Pictured is Craig. He makes me laugh like nobody else.

Photos were made en route to the Winnipeg Folk Festival on a hot July morning using Ektar 100 film stock and the old faithful Kiev 60 (which coincidentally we each own in slight variation from the other).

Buddy guy brought his Nikon Super 8 out for the trip and we made a little movie while riding through the back forty and also while people watching contentedly from a bench. Tie Die vision he had. I always have to laugh at what he zeros in on. We both shoot, but he is better.

59er pitstop with Creme.
Myself and a pair of Puchs.
Photo. Craig Dueck.
Magnum in da back and Maxi in da front.


  1. You guys are the best!

    Now get working on that Steinbach print, ya bum!

    1. The future is now, the future is NIGH! I am on it sister.