August 30, 2012

Blue Moon Lagoon

The moon looked full enough to stop my bicycle and lie under on the ride home from Martha Street studio this evening. Sutherland is not dark enough for my liking so I rode on. When I got home, Erin told me on the telephone that tomorrow marks the fullness of the Blue Moon (two full moons in a single month). Major intersection sprawl planned for then. Janelle Chanel ma belle please join me. No one else understands quite like you. I had to defend Lady Moon and the powers of to two ignorant men at the bakery today. WHAT ABOUT THE EFFECT THE MOON HAS ON THE TIDE? That query usually puts an end to mindless conversation about the moon. MEN. Sheesh.

The neighborhood smells like fresh buns right now.

My Martha Street studio days have picked up once more. Took an inventory of the good ink left in my cubby this evening and unfolded the mountain of fabric stored away like nuts of a squirrel. Spread out that bounty.

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  1. joined in spirit, we are moon sisters for life. <3