September 5, 2012


Quality Builders.
Quality Baller.
Quad Babe.
Quick Baby.

Queen Bitch?

Hi. What's new? I wouldn't know as I have been busy working underground. The darkroom is my place of choice these days. Sometimes I get so caught up in the To Be Printed mountain that I forget about life beyond the safelights and darkness of the basement.

Danger! I swear it's not malicious avoidance, it's just exciting is all.

Craig and I joined forces once and for all this week and created a super darkroom underneath his house. The progression has made a world of difference to the process. Sliding through the heavy light barrier into the stairway leading to the basement gives me tremors. 'Been balls deep in a recently-shot family series this week: Mum, Dad, big sis and baby sis all on the family bed, disgruntlement and delight both present on the family faces over the recent addition.

Strong work takes time, this I am learning. No galloping in the darkroom!

Working towards quick turn over as a film photographer over here. Worked on printing a single breast feeding photo for HOURS yesterday and still came up short with only two 8x8 prints, both crap (too contrast >  ^ < too grey). Where is the balance? Dissatisfied by the million test strips but hungry for more, I will head back down and try again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and putting up with this old song.

Here is a new print up from the darkness. Click to enlarge the effects of a filthy negative.

Malin Jams/ Trout- Aug 2012. Scanned copy of 8x8" print.

Now it is the morning. Andrea and Tiff, this contact sheet goes out to you two. Rags, can you spot your gin grin? I love that face, both of those gin grins actually. Milky and Rags, the ultimate party duo. Tiffany, you are a most excellent hostess.


  1. Oh Meg, I just love your posts. Produce produce produce!

  2. Thanks women. Tiff, I love how your responses most always begin with Oh Meg, like a sigh. I don't mean to be such a selfish hag; sometimes I lose touch with reality while I am IN IT and then wonder why no one calls for tea anymore. Love yous.

    1. Thanks, doc. Gin grin, indeed. Ultimate party duo for life. x

  3. Quirky Badass! you rule woman. happy to hear those hands of yours are busy being. xx