September 17, 2012

Tots OSL: a preview

Double down.

Tots Gone Wild. Time for a lick of outtakes. Tots OSL F/W 2012 shoot for Rhymes with Orange; the shop run by the women of Oh So Lovely (my sis)!

Good grief these kids are cute. Personality for days.

What shrimps. Olive has grown from baby to big girl like magic. She makes a mean grass salad for a three year old. Rollin is a really interesting young boy with a builder's mind. It was incredible to watch him build a dog house in Stef's backyard out of found scraps on a Sunday afternoon. Grey light and calm. When I asked Rollin where the dog was, he gave me a look that read that's not the point lady. OKAY! Keep going. I am happy to get to know both kids better. As I lay thinking about the shoot later that night, it really struck me how good it is to be in Winnipeg.

Feels good to be home.

Days like Sunday afternoon are a big part of the reason to return to this city. Thanks to everyone who participated and also to those who take time to look from here on. Be sure to check Erin and Stef's post at OSL in due time. New beginnings for those women! Congratulations Erin and Stef!!

COMING SOON: Vintage kidswear from the women of OSL. Yeeeehaw!

Meet Olive and Rollin; buds for life.

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