October 22, 2012

Swimming dirty waters

Black nailed report. A trip to Rebecca's for a liquid dinner on the floor usually results in fresh nails. Here is an October goings-on visual report straight from my latest camera, a funny little Yashica Electro 35 rangefinder. Craig found it for a song on a thrift mission and I love it--oddities, faults and all. The rangefinder is quite a new avenue to explore. Old habits die hard with this shooting machine (see soft focus shots). I like it, especially the lazy light leaks streaking through each frame.

New pony in the stable.
The addition of a honking flash kit mixes the shooting process right up, not to mention this new type of focus makes it virtually impossible to find that sharp image that I have come to appreciate when shooting in the darkness. Challenge is good. Change is good. The Nikon sleeps undisturbed these days. The Kiev is the camera I reach for on days off when the internal contrast vision snaps to attention.

Willa in wonderland. Whatever happened here, I like it.
I have a weakness for workers in Hi-Vis. Soft focus from a hasty walk-by.
Old crazy eyes. My coffee date, my roommate Miss King.
Baby's first ride.
Beers by the river. My beat boots and the old Red. 
We date by the Red River.
Good form. Nice light leak. Man I love this guy.

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