October 4, 2012


Aloha from not-so-sunny Winnipeg. October snowday today, the first of many to come. That sounds about right. The beautiful Autumn season was fast as hell this year and I enjoyed the golden weeks to the fullest with a motorbike between my legs and dust in the eyes. On my final blast from one corner of the city to the next, I pulled to a stop beside a family car at Isabel and William. A girl riding shotgun leaned over her Pops at the wheel and yelled "IS THAT FUN?" and I nodded and added "Girls can ride too!!". Big ups from a young lady.

Parked my Maxi for good with an empty tank two days before the snow arrived. Better to end the moped season on a safe and happy note than not. That thing was tired/ ready to rest. After the dead of winter blows over, Craig and I will turn his cabin/garage back into a shop and wrenching lessons will pick up once again. New motor build commence. Top tank? Sexy as hell. That will be a different ride altogether. Never did get around to riding in a thick late-night moped pack this year. Solo rider. I was invited into a gracious motorcycle group cruising southbound from Lockport last Saturday when gold still clung to the trees. It was quite the experience to say the least. Big dumb grin while blasting down Henderson beside a big dude with two silver beards. Middle part. Kind eyes.

One day I too will ride a motorcycle with grace. Splitting lanes with rookies at Magic Hour. Moped Meg suits just fine for now.

Jessica Alba and I ducked into the rain around 5 this morning for the first wet commute of the season. Slop city. She held up beautifully while I huffed and puffed, laughing at my muscles remembering how to rip on a bike. Very nearly forgot all about the self-propelled commute. Forsaken fitness no more. Winter riding has begun. It felt pretty damn good to slap on those goggles after three seasons apart. La vie en rose!

Aside from the transportation switcheroo, there has been plenty of positive change in my life of late. Dancing between counter, catering and production kitchen within the Stella's world has been great, but I am ready for more of a challenge in my cooking career. Time to face my fears once and for all and learn how to be the best damn line cook I can be. Grace under pressure. Learn it, Megs. Thanks to a solid friend, I have landed a new position under a talented chef. Learn from the best. No resume; the simple combination of experience and confidence is worth more than I thought. Self doubt you're out! Looking forward to the challenge. SHIIIT.


I will think of you two when I'm IN THE WEEDS!!!

Time to sew. Lady Longbodies (dressed to the nines) will be available for purchase come Saturday October the 6th at the Oh So Lovely/ Rhymes with Orange kid's shop Opening Party. That was a mouthful.

Photo. Craig Dueck (shot and hand printed). This is a digital copy-- iPhone camera. Victor back alley with my Maxi.


  1. MEG THAT PHOTO IS TO DIE FOR! You are a dream woman, woman! Marry me.

  2. whatever the mode of transport, get your fine ass over to our house one of these days! i miss you!