March 12, 2013

Mars long

Hibernation is behind me. Spring is near.

A friend's Bernese Mountain dog recently ate a whole gopher straight from it's burrow on Garbage Hill. From sleeping spot to dog belly, talk about a rude awakening. Does this signify an endless winter? That is what it feels like today.

Moped season is so close I can nearly taste exhaust.

Around these parts, the littlest Leo grows and so do I. 

Projects standstill, as does the river of peace within. What is next?

Here is a look in. Cameras lie around at ready. The images below were shot on oldie goldie slide film from the 90's. Graintown grit untouched as they come. I had them cross processed, a request placed when a color burst is necessary. Oddly enough, this roll came back rather muted considering the process. A fair reflection of the season thus far. 


  1. I was sad to see the demise of your flickr account, but it's nice to see these photos emerge. Standstill; sounds familiar. Spinning pedals these last two weeks has me feeling hopeful, as if I might be waking up after a long creative slumber. I've thought of creative engagement as essential for mental health, but did ok without it this winter and did not suffer too badly. I miss the pull of projects, but don't feel that deep sense of longing or anxiety over re-engaging. Not sure what it's all about. Here's to new beginnings as the seasons change...or at least to two-wheeled explorations with open eyes and friends.

  2. oy vey, right out of the hole? sounds vicious! haha.

  3. Hildebrandt jawline. You're a fox, Megan.