March 13, 2013

Resurrection report

These images are scanned from a single roll of hand processed Ilford FP4 Plus shot over the course of a few months. I lent my ma the little Nikon FM coupled with a pancake 50mm and was pleased to see her captures from her time in the Arizona desert with my pops. Collaborative rolls are the best rolls spent.

After a few mute moons, I must say how nice it feels to test the mind's voice in this familiar place. Ever the internal battle to-post-or-not-to-post when it comes to the worldwide web, it feels good to put my work out there again. Feigned production? Most definitely. Sometimes a good internet dump is all a gal needs to lighten up. How supremely unladylike to say.

This small series is particle heavy but soft on the eyes with a great span of tones. This film is lovely. Scans do no favors. Time to step into the darkroom and work on proper hard copies.

This here is a taste.

My love for Workers in hi-vis is endless.  
Photo. Kim Kroeker
Gunnar with eyes on the prize.
Basil and Lisa in the spotlight at home.
Sleep / Work space complete with paper curtains.
I asked for his portrait on Maryland and this is what he gave. 
I like the looks of my dad with a camera. My mom shot this at the Grand Canyon. 

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