September 12, 2013

Mama's Bun

Nikaela and her boy Ives. Winnipeg/ early September 2013

Last week I was invited into Nikaela's home to shoot some photos of her and her son in their natural environment. A porch morning it was-- complete with black coffee, a bareback diaper baby, strong light, open cookbooks to browse through and very easy subjects to capture.

There is something incredibly inspiring about witnessing a parent's deep and easy love for their kin through the camera lens. This is my favorite style of portrait to shoot given a good amount of time and space to do so properly. The morning spent with Nikaela and Ives was natural and easy. Like blasting through rolls of 120 kind of easy. Her little boy was giving the goods away for free. Click to see more over at her corner.

Below are a few more images of mamas and their babes who were kind enough to let me in--if only for a moment. All images shot with the Kiev 60. Tmax 400, HP5 or Delta 400 depending on the mood.

Tracy and her girl Heidi. Winnipeg/ early Spring 2013
Little baby Honey Bea. Winnipeg/ early Spring 2012
Sara is as good as Rusty's work-week mama (daycare). Winnipeg/ early June 2013
Colette reads to her boy Leo. Winnipeg/ July 2013
Bree with her girl Aida. Winnipeg/ April 2012
Heidi takes in her cousin Birdie. Winnipeg/ early Spring 2013
Dayna and her girl Beatrice. Winnipeg/ early Spring 2012


  1. Shit Meg! You are the best at what you do. I absolutely adore that pic of Rusty and Sara -- what a bunch of beauties!

  2. This is what "family portrait" should mean, rather than the artificial, fabricated polish of the current definition.