September 19, 2014

Golden Bells for You & Me

JJ going in for the kiss.
Two gentle souls they are, Moo and Jackson.
Curious creatures.
Ian enjoys his wedding day; Shaun looks on. 
It's a good 'ol September love mash-up: scenes from Ian & B's wedding // B & Myles  river portraits.
Dad of the Year at B& Ian's wedding.
Portrait of student hood in the last days of August. Agenda, check!
Puch Monza Babe: soft looks, but complete at long last HALLELUJAH // September, 2014.
Slip of a nip. Shot from the porch.

Here is a nice August / September mash-up for your viewing pleasure. All from a single roll of Tmax 400 processed at home, scanned by Ashley of Photo Central. Merci.


It's a zany time of year for the maker in me though I am head over heels for Autumn. Fall fashions. It is a great time of year to hurry hard, just like all those buck wild squirrels I nearly squash on my daily commute. EIII-YE-YEII. Living life on the edge, no less.


Store, store, store! Winter is coming!!


I am storing up. Tony Chestnut herself filled my well good and proper the other night as she roughed out her vision for the upcoming FW14 line she has asked me to capture once again! Can barely contain my excitement for the new collection. DAMN. Black crepe wool, I am ready for you. Tony knows.


In other news, school is interesting enough to keep up with and I have finally found the 35mm camera to fill out my stable. A nice handmade tank of a Nikon F2 feels just right. Last time I shot an F2 was three years ago. Le Poulet's maman lent me her father's own then. Welcomed reunion between woman and camera.

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  1. i love too, your porch with the coffee and homework.