September 3, 2014

Silver and Gold Have I None

Nature bath for Coco, Sara, Luke, Kaja, Chad, Reesa and Lisa.
Upstairs entrance, come on in.
Contrast flash blast of one of many hand-painted milk carton fixtures to illuminate the footpaths.
Natalie, you beauty.
Old and silvered cart. A perfect nook to pitch a tent.

Shot this series in and around a beautifully dense property on the Roseau River near St. Malo, home to the annual Rainbow Trout Music Festival. These are some of my favorite contrast shots from the festival weekend and they sum up the experience well for me. I had never taken my Kiev for a dip in the river before that portrait of Natalie was composed. She looks like a happy pup working hard to remain graceful in a river with a mind of its own. Natalie makes it look easy. I know I was working hard to remain graceful while blindly toeing my way over submerged terrain to the middle of the current with the camera above my head. Worth every step.

I have felt quite discouraged by my photo work in the last few weeks. Making errors I can't afford to, pulling technical stunts I should know better than to risk at this point. Just when I thought I had my wits about me, the harshest learning curve rushes in like a bandit in the night. It is humbling to hand over client based work that lacks the integrity I pride myself on. Ca va. Such is life, all one can do is keep reading, applying the lesson and moving forward.

Now that I am a student once again, it is time to lay my cameras to rest (in the interim) as I head back to the books. Endings, beginnings. It has been a hell of a summer for those work horses. Gotta lay low, brush up on the technical spectrum; you know, the usual. Same old song I'll be singing until I'm old and silver, no less. For now, I have three giant stencils to complete! Yikes what a laundry list. Two are in process, competing for my evening attention as the clock ticks louder and louder reminding me of the deadlines that draw near. The third, which has yet to be pioneered whatsoever looms larger than the rest. Tall orders. This is how I like to gallop into the new season: stencil projects in full effect lying on their backs all over the hardwood, change in the air, cold hands and wool jerseys in the morning, new information at the forefront of it all and a good book and a cup of tea beside the bed. Hot bath, candles.

Adios. Here it comes. I am ready.

Kiev 60 // Tmax 400

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  1. What a set! The one of your friends in the rapids is pure magic. Timeless wonder.