November 13, 2014

Jibber-jabber jaybirds

Illustration. Natalie Baird / November 12, 2014
Here is the a freshly scanned illustration by Winnipeg multi-disciplinary artist Natalie Baird! I sat across from her late last night as she built up the work layer by layer, stroke by stroke with fancy markers and a felt tipped pen and didn't realize she was shaping up a portrait of me until it was finished and slid across the table with a "Here! Let's trade!". So we did. Love those naked bodies dancing above my head of hair. It was a paper gift I felt free to share on my funny platform. Grateful for her friendship and the ease of sharing a table with another creative soul as Winter gets crackin'.


  1. those prancing nudes@! Love it.

    1. Your remarks make my insides grin. Thanks for the consistent MPHQ cheerleading. Head of the squad, you are.