November 22, 2014


Dear Manitoba, too quick I was to associate the boreal forests of our vast country all to Ontario. No no no, this province is as diverse as they come. Rocky, sandy, high, low, swampy, tall, flat, mucky, wet, dry. You name it. Coniferous, deciduous or no trees at all. Instead you can cut through prairie grass as tall as your lover. You decide. Pick a spot on the map and go. Simple. No need to wander too far beyond. Manitoba, you really have it all.

Took a drive out to this quiet place on the very last lovely day of Autumn of 2014 in Manitoba. Ate salami and havarti on bread en route. The air was crisp and held that unbeatable smell of sweet dry rot. Decay-okay. I love nature's shut down. It is always a pleasure to behold the process firsthand. I want to come back to this very spot by the river in June to swim. Lazy up to a point and clear as a bell. My kind of river.

Home and native land.

ps. Say! Sky detail and chicos in the same frame? You don't say.

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