December 29, 2014

2 0 1 4 / adios

2 0 1 4  /  adios

This photographic lot represents some of my favorite moments spent capturing portraits of summer days, weddings, new babies, the break of winter in NW Ontario, family portraits, self portraits, camping trips and moped journeys. What a wild year it continues to be. I am looking forward to witnessing the Year of the Sheep reveal itself and capturing the magic firsthand.

In the coming year I intend to shoot and process much contrast film, update all contact sheet binders, graduate from school, debut MPHQ online and cook up my first solo exhibition.

I bought a mix media work book today and two new pens to start the new year off right.

Looking Forward To's:
- walking together
- building up the darkroom
- cooking well
- waking up to sun on the face
- maintaining the fire
- photo essays of auctions
- driving to the country
- Bob Dylan everyday
- baking a loaf
- boiling fresh pasta
- finishing the Arbus stencil
- swimming in a big hat
- grinning while canoeing
- the Springtime

Though winter is going no where fast, I did wake up convinced it was Spring today! Birds chirped their agreement.


  1. You are so alive. Your work just gets better, and it was so very good to begin with.

  2. magic. you are pure magic. I am forever blown away by your ability to perfectly capture the most beautiful part of someone's soul. yours are the photos people dream of being remembered by. I love you to death. happy fucking new year darling!

  3. oh sweet baby jesus. Megggggggggggggggg. This is too much.